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12:39 / 18:04 Centauri Perfumes Proxima & Detailed thoughts with Score and Review

by Therapeutic Fragrance


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Who? I See Wearing the Fragrance

Johnny 5

Where? I Use the Fragrance

When? The Season I Use the Fragrance

Fall to Early Spring

What? Occasions or Events I Use Fragrance


Peter Carter



Short To Medium Tailed

How? I Apply the Fragrance

One to Three

***************************************************************************************************** As I have become famous for putting up my fumbles in front of everyone another one here. Jacques Huclier is the perfumer behind AMEN. Names is one of my biggest weakness's in life. My apologies to Olivier Cresp and Jacques Huclier for mixing you two up. I sadly do it in life all the time. PS I would make the exact same comparison for Both Angel and Amen. Big Kudos to Rich Mitch for catching this. ******************************************************************************************************* This is the hardest review I have put up so far. Usually if I feel this way I just don't review it. Because of my coverage on Dendera I think I owe it to people to give my honest opinion no matter the result to everyone. At the request of the perfumer and many others I have talked to most agreed it is good to have honest opinion out in there. I ultimately think it will help the house and showcases my fragrance journey pretty well which is basically what this channel is all about. These are the times I wish I was a commercial channel and not a critic.

Bottle Presentation

Company:Centauri Perfumes
Perfumer:Peter Carter
Fragrance Family:ozonic dry
Pricing:$2.50/fluid ml
Sillage:Short To Medium Tailed
Short Description:A futuristic smell of our ozone

Therapeutic Fragrance Score Chart


Experience 11/15
Branding & Originality 5/5
Projection & Sillage 4/5
Longevity 5/5
Composition 10/20
& Price per ML


TOP: 9/10
HEART: 3/5
BASE: 6/10


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    1. The top of Gaea is stunning. I will find someone to do a video with one day who loves a composition and this happens to my skin so we can do a wear and compare video in front of everyone so I can demonstrate on video what happens. It makes me light headed to even think of doing it.

  1. I wonder if it’s geosmin that causes that reaction you get from Gaea? Gaea gives me a moist cold dirt in the forefront, similar to Bat from Zoologist. I have a 4ml vial of geosmin that projects that same feeling.

    1. Do you know if that was used in Gaea. I'll pass it on with the person I'm working with and see if they used it in their composition. Thanks for commenting on this. I have been chasing this from the beginning of my fragrance journey. One of the main questions I haven't found an answer for.

  2. This really helped show how you judge a perfume/originality and composition.
    You’ve gotta keep it real; just sharing your experience. Of course we will all have different experiences with a scent. We all want to support Peter; I’m excited to see where he grows from here. What an accomplishment.

  3. Great stuff Brandon! My fragrance journey is just starting so my palette is constantly evolving. Sometimes I start to love a fragrance months later. Dendera was an instant love but Gaea is starting to really grow on me. I have my Peter hat on and fully supporting his hard work and growth.

    1. The first few minutes of Gaea were so good. After it takes over you can't smell another note on my skin. For people that have been with me from the beginning this has been the main thing I have been trying to answer. Within the last month I now have a couple of perfumers helping me find it. I have some materials ordered and have been wanting to do a skin chemistry video from the beginning. GET RID OF TEST STRIPS, LOL.

      This smells so different on paper. Definitely not Peter's fault. There is easily over ten reviews on the channel that refer to this.

  4. I thought this was very helpful Brandon!!???????? Great to hear your honest thoughts!! I don't get soapy from Gaea, but the Geosmin(that soil note)might do that on you. It would be interesting to find that out! Geosmin gets BIG on my skin, but stays earthy/mineral on my skin. Bat does the same thing on me. I smell it all the way through the wearing of Gaea. The honey is soft on my skin, so I'd love to smell this on someone where the honey note is prominent! You are so right that skin chemistry makes a huge difference in how a scent plays on the skin!
    For not knowing the notes of Proxima… you did good! There is a lot of grapefruit in it (that version), and the new concentration will have less. Yes, definite ozonic/air note along with berries, iris, soft woods, and musks.

    Don't apologize for your honest feedback about scents!! It's very helpful to learn what works/doesn't work for someone. Why would anyone hate you for that? Thanks Brandon!!????????

    1. Thanks so much! I keep wanting to use your name but don't want to spell it wrong is it with a "I" "Y" or even "EY"? Was going to in when commenting in your lush review. I'm so bad with names I know I would guess wrong.

    2. @Therapeutic Fragrance Tracey 🙂 I used to say Tracey with an e if asked then my tutor enlightened me that Anne of Green Gables says the same and forever addressed me that way…even in written communication ????

  5. Thank you for highlighting the importance of skin chemistry, as its a very underplayed aspect of perfumery in the community.
    As usual, great job with the review and giving us your honest thoughts, much appreciated!

  6. Hey buddy, just so you know details.. there's no synthetic Iris in Gaea, there is a big dose of real Orris Butter though, the same Orris used in Dendera. What you're sensing as soap is the Ambrettolide musk, on my skin it gives the composition a nice cotton like softness / skin scent rather than soapy. I can understand on some it can come over soap-like, and it's widely used in perfume, so you will have smelled it a lot through different perfumes. – Geosmin is used in Gaea, but it doesn't in anyway smell of soap, it's wet Earth / Soil, and it's not common at all in compositions. I only know of two other fragrances currently that use it in any obvious way. Appreciate your honesty!

    1. @Therapeutic Fragrance The Dirty quality in Proxima is most likely Jasmine Sambac, it's the only natural I used in Proxima, but the concept of the brand is past is high end naturals, present is mixed media, and future is more on the synthetic fully loaded end to give three styles of perfume blending within the three times of history

    2. I absolutely love the concept of your brand. In fact I'm in awe of all you have built for a brand by yourself. Huge companies pay a lot of money to have done what you did on your own. I can't wait to watch you move into your first studio. I totally get where you're coming from on saying perfumes of the future will be fully synthetic.

  7. This is how you do a review. No subtle BS jabs or shameless promotion of another brand. Respectful discussion. I personally really enjoy Dendera, don't care for Gaea and like the vibe Proxima gives me (but it's been done a few times before as you mention). Looking forward to more red bottle scents from Peter.

  8. Thank You!! I have the Same ISSUE w/Gaea! I tried it 3 times and can’t get over the soap ( more like a potpourri on me sadly) I blind bought a bottle, and I love the opening…. but I blow up a room just like you do. Can we layer with an opposing chemical to counteract this reaction?? I was considering contacting Peter…. I had high hopes as I love his theme of Mother Earth.

    1. I wish I could of sampled this with Dendera for everyone, just couldn't get my hands on it. I know a lot of people love this fragrance hopefully you can swap it out with someone. Not sure what Peter is doing, but giving him any feedback would help his future creations.

  9. I'm smelling proxima for the first time today and honestly I'm kiiinda disappointed after loving gaea and liking dendera. I gave my short thoughts on those on fragrantica

  10. Thank you for your honest review. Like you said, we all like Peter but it is still important to review his work as if it was blind smelling. A lot of people love Proxima and say it's a safe blind buy but not for me. I like Dendera and Gaea a lot and own Dendera. I really tried to like Proxima but it is unfortunately not for me. Your take on working with synthetics is very valuable. The only, all synthetic fragrances I really like are form perfumers that spend a lifetime perfecting them.

    1. Thanks Agnieszka (That's a super awesome name). Appreciate your thoughts yeah I sat on this review for over a month meaning it was filmed for four weeks until I edited it. Because I got so excited about Dendera I thought it only fair to the public that I cover the house in the long run. Peter actually asked me to release it as well, which speaks volumes to who he is as a person. I really can't wait to see Peter grow as a perfumer and what comes next.

    2. Haha, my name gives me only trouble in English speaking countries.
      I am also very curious what he will create in the future. I think he is the kind of person that can accept constructive criticism.

  11. Maybe the soap effect is why Guerlain Vetiver and Bois Mysterieux are fine at the sprayer, but ghastly on my skin? I have no such problem with Gaia or Proxima. Extremely pressed with both. Dendera is a disaster for me. Sample everything first.

  12. Gaea and Proxima were two of my first three niche scents, and started me on the journey. Neither of them had any hint of the soap-chemical blow up on me (though many do) and both were not only very pleasing, but I don't have to hunt for the smell, it's with me for several hours. Nothing has performed better than these two for me, so I blind bought Shambho, and it's in the post.

    This is my data on the blow up in general. It's always the same smell, like putting a soap bar close to ones nose and detecting an acerbic chemical. I get hardly anything of the true scent, (as at the nozzle, where everything is perfect). It also happens on clothing for me, so it can't be skin chemistry? Given that I am more susceptible to it than most, if it's one ingredient, why doesn't Gaea blow up at all on me? Interestingly, two different samples of Black Nasomato AND a clone of Black Nasomato, all blow up, and I only start to get the true scent after several hours. The worst offenders (and biggest disappointments) for me are Chypre Siam, Chypre Palatin, and Boix Mysterieux. Last week Tyger Tyger had a little of it, but recovered somewhat when dry. Guerlain Vetiver blew up on me 40 years ago, so I bought a bottle one year ago out of curiosity, and blow me, it was just the same, and just as bad. .

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