18 Perfumes 18 Reasons for 2018

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Coco Blanc House of Matriarch Reason #1 Being the SOTD Imaginary Authors-Sundrunk Reason #2 Opening the door to the fragrance community What an august and intro into the Youtube fragrance community. This was really talked up about everyone, but haven’t seen it on anyone’s top 2018 list funny how fragrances buy into hyperbole and are forgotten. Imaginary Authors-Memories of a Tresspasser Reason #3 Fond memories of grey skies If there was a DNA scent for Portland OR I would say Imaginary Authors has it to a T. This scent reminds me of a rainy day getting coffee and getting lost at Powell’s Bookstore. This scent brings me to an old book and getting lost in thought and imagination. Tauer-PHI UNE Rose Reason #4 Fond memories of NOCAL Trip to California Heaven in Business conference I do love rose. This instantly bring me back to a business trip I had to Northern California back in September. I got the sample pack from Tauer website and what a perfect traveling companion. I wore this 3 out of 4 days. Tauer-Au Coeur Du Desert Reason #5 Discovering a new classic The new classic. The taueraide is one to be studied everyone tries to achieve a backbone scent that their collection can be built on and Andy has done it. Areej la adore – Russian Musk Reason #6 Finding the classics of classic. If I were to think of a dad scent, a scent you wear out that every man would where it would be this. This is an all star composition of timeless ingredients. This is what ingredients are supposed to be before they changed to synthetics. Ensar Oud No 2 and New Years Reason #7 Special times and memories Special bottle special fragrance already worn on some of my most pivotal days this year. It is a musk, a manly musk that makes you feel masculine. Oud Luwak Reason #8 Things aren’t what they seem from first impressions This fragrance was a blind buy and man when I put it on I was upset. The first 5-10 minutes for me is just funk and that’s saying a lot because I love funk. But after that there is a jungle of madness that stays on you for the next few hours or days if you spray your scarf like I did. Coffee is good but fades fast for me. Walimah Attar Reason #9 Always has me sniffing I sneak into this all the time I am always sniffing this and never using I don’t want to see my oil go down. This is heaven to the senses. The write up on this is perfect, the story everything. My favorite floral fragrance I own no questions about it. Matriarch-Eaglewood Reason #10 Getting surprised by shipments My surprise from the House of Matriarch I own quite a few bottles even gifted on away to a friend on his birthday. Christi was nice enough to share this with me and it is probably my favorite from her. Scared to finish this sample off, but will try to get a bottle of this if they are still available. Slumberhouse-Sixes and sevens Reason #11 Luck of the draw The house just has a DNA that pulls you in. Very edgy and unapologetic. This was sold out in a day. Indolis Areej le dore Reason #12 Florals can be so much different in Perfume Teaching me florals are oh so different and include animalic scents. Atelier-Cafe Tuberose Reason #13 Most complimented How is this possible my most complimented scent. Only scent I have that every-time I have worn it I gets a compliment. Probably because most scents I buy I really buy for myself. This is one of the first scents I bought in my collection this year. Mainly because I am a sucker for coffee. And now learned tuberose is one of my favorite floral notes. Etat Liber d’orange You or someone like you Reason #14 Just a nice laid back scent for long sleeve t-shirts A Citrus Aromatic fragrance for women and men. Sarah Baker-Tartan Reason #15 Being the fragrance I pull for most This was an impulse buy with a nice discount given. All the notes are up my alley even though I enjoy her lace one a little more, but I always seem to gravitate to this when I don’t know what to wear more than any other in my collection. This is the reason it made it into this list. Slumberhouse-Baque Reason #16 There is a story to finish every time I wear this one One of the first samples I got off of lucky scent. I put this on at the end of a work day and all night it had me captured. I didn’t know what the notes were, but weirdly familiar. Next morning away I went googling learning about the notes. I have heard a reviewer say this is like an unfinished painting, I would say this is entirely the point of the fragrance. Very rough edged unfinished with a whole lot of story to tell. Fort and Manle-Fatih Sultan Mehmed 5* Luca Turin Reason #17 A masterpiece that sings off of the skin This is hands down one of the best compositions I have smelled. So much going on like an orchestra and all plays in harmony with each other. This is a special scent that takes time to enjoy. Put everything down spray and enjoy note after note that plays off of your skin. Feel Oud-Yamin Reason #18 Taking you back to first sniff

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