5 Most Addicting Fragrances

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5 most addictive fragrances

When the dapper gents from the church house come to call, Brandon will listen

They write up perfume lists and pick them like nobody else in the community, I said it like nobody else in the community. Their lists have value and weight that is backed by gold in the form of juice.

I found them when they were only a few hundred subs on YouTube and knew it was a symphony of words I would always hear backed by a encore in notes in the form of olfaction

There is no commercial with them just pure passion, wit, and Wafts
C’mon if you don’t know I could do this forever but I am talking about Wafts From the Loft, they tagged me so I came running to play.

Thankyou @wafts.from.the.loft for the tag and bringing me out of an IG slumber. Would easily post anything from you guys as I highly respect what you do in the community. I believe originality from @smellyvision

OKAY my five.
#auphorie no. 15
#areejledore #fluxdefleur
#elixirattars #GhaliyatTareeqAlHareer
#frassai #teisenddu
#dixitzak #emperorhind

Not easy and like them this could change all the time. I left off Mitsouko because they had it in there’s that is undeniably in this list and I would battle in my mind for Under My Skin as well. It’s very #noseaddicting

____________________________________________ In all seriousness I hope everyone reading this is well and in good health.

____________________________________________ Stay in Peace, all love and hope from me


#parfum #perfume #smellgood #sotd #daychanger #agarwood

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