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††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† A WALK THROUGH MY REVIEWING (my favorite part)


My favorite way to wear oud is to pour it on.  One wearing I did a full 20 sprays count them 20 sprays.  It was one of my well chose evenings. I already had a good idea of what this was.  This is flat out one of the best oud perfumes I have put to skin.. Not talking about oud used to enhance other ingredients such as florals, woods, and spices.  But an actual well chosen oud for people to wear. It’s not a starter oud, but not intimidating either. If oud has intrigued you and you have liked it softly in other fragrances, I have many reviews on them, this is a next step to discovering what it does to other ingredients.

It is animalic in all of the best of ways, it has strong medicinal properties that just loft in the air as the imaginary note of love.  Every whiff you can just feel emotions vitalized. The one hundred twenty plus aroma chemicals go straight into the head and sharpen all those sensors giving feedback of what you are experiencing.  A mental shift is instantaneous into a Wonder of what could be.

Fan boy Yes, watching everything they do Yes, Admire their passion yes, and can smell every ounce of it in what they present in a bottle.

Seriously if you struggle with thoughts of doubt, anxiety, worrying of any kind.  This is a fear killer in a bottle. It changes the course of thought instantly. It’s a bottle of memories waiting to made that will take you into the next transition.






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