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Agar Attar

by Therapeutic Fragrance


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Who? I See Wearing the Fragrance

Michael Simon

Where? I Use the Fragrance


When? The Season I Use the Fragrance

All Year Long

What? Occasions or Events I Use Fragrance

Signature Scent


Taha Syed


Price Per Millileter

495 25ML

Perfume Classification



2 Feet or More



Up to 8 Hours


Medium to Long Tailed

Overall, this is a different, tougher agar with more scars on it. Don't get me wrong; there is extreme beauty in all of that. My first question right away was where is that berry fruit blast from? Taha said it was a strawberry tincture. He wanted to emphasize the benzylacetone of the eastern species, which is more like raspberry. The overall goal was to emphasize Indon and Malay scent profiles and its goodness. A raspberry bolt is met right away. Basking back in the fragrance, it’s quite a pleasant fruit with oud. It does venture toward the Tuscan Leather top note, which I love. But all similarities end there.

Let’s get into the good stuff; it seems like I talked about the camphor a little too much in the last reviews, as that’s what you see in most write-ups, and it’s fair. It is part of Taha’s longevity DNA.  I can’t imagine one without it, and this delivers. The aromatics are different in this. Think tree bark instead of resin. The bark has more tang and is crisp. That’s how the aromatics play off against an almost amber-based oud. Might be this berry tincture playing against oud’s more caramel flair. A vibrant, rugged cowhide pops up, and a browned green scent warms the heart. It has a caramel that sits into the skin with leather. Definitely a sharp amber with crisp aromatics that breathe off the skin. Just like the oud is making the ketone come to life. He never said ketone, that’s from me, but it smells like an isolate, and I would put a little money on the fact that it is an isolate. Oud lovers will not be disappointed with this.

Bottle Presentation

Company:Agar Aura
Perfumer:Taha Syed
Fragrance Family:Oud
Pricing:$19.80/fluid ml
What:Signature Scent
Projection:2 Feet or More
Longevity:Up to 8 Hours
Sillage:Medium to Long Tailed
Short Description:Rare Oud

Therapeutic Fragrance Score Chart

Agar Attar

Experience 14/15
Branding & Originality 4/5
Projection & Sillage 5/5
Longevity 5/5
Composition 16/20
& Price per ML


TOP: 7/10
HEART: 4/5
BASE: 9/10


“Grab a Bottle on Discount”


  1. Damn Brandon, I can't keep up with your content. And I only watch your videos haha. I just finished watching your Di Ser and placing an order and now this! How can my poor wallet cope..

  2. Wearing this one right now. Smells good. I get that raspberry you talk about its like a mentholic raspberry on my skin. Smells better in the air. I think Agar Parisien is best from the collection, based on smell AND price. If this one was the price of AP then maybe it would be tied. I'm glad I got to experience all these ingredients. Not sure I'll add any to the collection tomorrow. I feel these are suited to the person who wants just 1 or 2 ingredients showcased to their absolute highest potential, where as I want to be told a story or taken on a journey, which I didn't exactly get with these. Possibly my nose just isn't ready to fuuullly appreciate them though. Thanks for all your hard work Brandon keep it up

    1. Can't go wrong with Parisien. My thoughts are up there and I had it pretty much equal with Neriko. I think I just loved the originality of Neriko. These perfumes will go down in history as some of the best. People new to oud will take awhile to know what was put in here. It's incredible the level of oud in these.

  3. @Therapeutic Fragrance yeah I think with Nerkio even someone who is not into fragrance could tell you its japanese which is cool. I just didn't love it, I don't like japanese tea or sake and theres strong vibes there. But like you say with the quality of the oud, I'm just beginning my oud journey, so maybe I just don't appreciate them the way they should be.

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