Al Shareef Oudh

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Al Shareef Oudh –

After smelling these I know for a fact there are generational secrets of perfumers and why some are held in high esteem. This house is producing scents from ingredients I know well better than anything I have smelled. And I have really, really good raw ingredients to compare to. The perfumer is held in high appreciation in their cultures for a reason. I thank them for keeping these practices. Easily could have been lost with the way things have gone in the west.

HEKAYAT – This maceration shows so much expertise. I have now smelled five macerations of only these two ingredients. Nothing and I mean nothing comes close to this. I know there are passed down secrets these great men have kept alive. Thankfully! This smells so blissful. Others aren’t in the same league. It’s mind blowing how different they are. People have told me this is one of the best attar makers in the world, my nose can attest to that.

WARD – Rose, O Rose! Dear and fragile rose! How you have delicately perfumed the courts of kings and sultans throughout history! How you have been esteemed by both the lavish and common folk as you steal hearts with a caress of velvet and your bewitching spell.

SAMARQAND – Samarqand is a city that is a true cross-road of world cultures, the melting pot of different world traditions and cultures- a vibrant city of learning and harmonious coexisting of philosophies, a melodious marriage of east and west

YASAMEEN – From the Arabic meaning Jasmine, Yasameen brings the experience of a true ‘attar cooked with traditional alchemy to life. Yasameen follows our traditional Jasmine ‘Attar formulae but in lieu of the traditional degs we utilised a smaller scale glass apparatus that would mimic the very same behaviour.

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