And on the Fifth Day of Christmas Fragrance I wore

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And on the Fifth Day of Christmas Fragrance I wore –

The Egyptian Air

I got this a day after Christmas last year. All documented on the channel so many powerful memories are connected to that day and this perfume it’s crazy. Anyways this has you covered in Myrrh which is perfect for a Day of Christmas. One of the most unique Orris butters was chosen as a natural material. I even got a sample of it in raw format.

And Peter, And Peter I have watched him closer than most in the community. He really goes out of his way to do things different and with attention. One of the most honest and uncut individuals that puts himself on film. I aspire to have the openness he has with his life. Some of the biggest vulnerability in the fragrance community. I say some of this as to how I connect to this perfume.

These are the times I really wish perfume came with no notes or hints because to me its a reflection of the kind soul of the perfumer. He’s always one to deflect praise so I am fortunate enough to have a platform where he has no choice. I salute you Peter.

Can’t wait for the next one…..


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