And on the Sixth Day of Christmas I Wore

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And on the Sixth Day of Christmas I Wore –
Dixit and Zak Kashmir Nuit

Hard lessons were learned on this release. The way I spend money on fragrances I have had to learn many things quickly on how to find what I like in my collection. I haven’t messed up much. I love most all of my stuff. Santal Galore could of easily been like this, but the brilliant sampling RA did prevented it from getting it in the wrong hands. If people blind bought without sampling it would of happened I knew it the first night I sprayed it on. With this I just got my order after others and am staunch at not doing full reviews until properly wearing.

This is for people who only wear naturals and don’t deviate. If you like mixed media and natural perfume that has to be loud and proud not for you.

This is a style of perfume that I predict will garner a whole net market. I have many friends that won’t touch fragrance for this and that reasons, but this is the answer for that. I have talked with quite a few perfumers who agree and are continuing to make personal fragrances that enhance life. Not all are into that as proven by the current market, but I see an entirely new one coming.

For that Dixit and Zak please keep doing what you do and pull these ingredients from earth!

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