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Andy Tauer Les Annees 25

by Therapeutic Fragrance


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Who? I See Wearing the Fragrance

Mad Men

Where? I Use the Fragrance

When? The Season I Use the Fragrance

All Year

What? Occasions or Events I Use Fragrance


Andy Tauer


Price Per Millileter

140 50ML

Perfume Classification

Eau De Parfum

How? I Apply the Fragrance

3 to 5 sprays

Tauer Les Annees 25 ***** 5/5 Perfect Score Wearing: Nights Out / Study Sessions Addictiveness: 8/10 Sillage: 7.5/10 Originality: 9.5/10 Bottle Worthy? YES Base Pairing: Kinam Oud EDP 50 ML Created for the 25th Anniversary of Tauer in 2018 Did not see this on anyone's list this would of made my top 10 of 2018 One of the best bottle in the business. I really wish he could put a wood cap on his stuff that would just put it way over the top. Presentation is so well thought out if you order from his website I have two personal cards signed by him. Notes: BIG citrus, spices (nutmeg), ginger Rose, powdery iris, ylang Tonka, full body of woods, musky benzoin. Limited to around 500 bottles. Sometimes, just sometimes we need to get out and take a walk. Get out and enjoy what is around us, get out and slow the roll. This is a fragrance that will stop you in your tracks and bring instant reflection into your days, well days when things were simpler, less pressure of a digital life. Where are surroundings in nature were more a part of us because of force and not trying to force it to happen now. These are the days where the door would be opened for all ladies without question and a gentleman was commonplace. Going out for any event was a big deal and your fragrance, well that was the invisible mystery. Out of nowhere some can surprise you with one sniff only to pull you into their realm and you don’t even know why you can’t get away, but are drawn to more conversation just to follow the sillage. The vintage French houses knew how to do this all to well and now I dig into my pocket and we have a masterpiece that brings the roaring twenties back to life with a full modern globalism in a bottle. Not once have I had a fragrance that has accomplished both at the same time in one breath of my nose. How he put this in a bottle is a painting that your just going by your day walking along and it stops you, you have no choice but to stop. This puts my mind in a time of what it was like in the renaissance. At least as far as my imagination will take me. Maybe in the times of the Great Gatsby where Gentlemen wearing Fedoras were more usual than not. Perfect place and time for everything from tea to brunch. And people being nice and proper with each other. Gathering at the nearest live show in the hustle and bustle town of old. This is that feeling in a bottle. The dapper generation where greetings were just as important as goodbyes. Off the top It is a powdery masculine background. I am no fan of powdery and run when I see them reviewed or listed. But with the tauer backbone and some masculine notes this just adds to the art of this scent. It brings an extra layer to tell off of your skin. When to Wear For me gray days. I love this kind of smell when it’s raining outside and I’m locked away in a coffee shop with my laptop. Hey like I am now. I have to research for a lot of things and there still some old school in me where I like flipping pages this is a juice I use to for those situation. Also Imaginary Authors get’s chosen, but this is perfect. Going out to a play or event at the ballroom this is so perfect of a scent for that. Finishing Thoughts: Andy needs to get more recognition other than his famous classic LDDM. He is doing some very bold stuff. As far as compositions it is incredible Andy is self taught. The full sniff of his fragrances just give such a great ensemble it’s amazing. There are so many things going on and they all, well just play in perfect harmony nothing I can do can knit pick on the sniff I try as soon as I focus on one note another comes and then another and another. As I was seeing where to buy this they are almost all bought up, but you can still get your hands on it. I just saw a review from Luca Turin and well read his take on this. I did my write up before seeing his and he gives it 5 Star which is major. And relates it to a vintage Shalimar by Guerlain, WOW.

Bottle Presentation

Perfumer:Andy Tauer
Classification:Eau De Parfum
Pricing:$2.80/fluid ml

Therapeutic Fragrance Score Chart

Les Annees 25

& O.G. Factors
Projection & Sillage 5/5
Longevity 5/5
Composition 25/25
& Price per ML


TOP: 10/10
HEART: 5/5
BASE: 7/10


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    1. @Therapeutic Fragrance i just got my sample of the latest version. does have citrus in opening and shortly after it is just ALL IRIS. When i put my nose to my wrist I smell the woods (i know there is not oud in there but i get a sharp oud-like wood smell, perhaps the vetiver) but what whafts up at me is just iris. I have found many irises are crowded out by vanilla or other notes so I love the purity of this one but I am not sure I will buy a bottle as I find it even a little too much!

  1. Well. I jumped on a bottle I found for sale. I will report back as soon as it arrives. I'm sure if it's half as good as I've heard it will impress. Really loving your channel and especially the outdoor shots. So different than south Florida where I am, just very different. Thanks again, this will be the 3rd Fragrance I've blind bought off your reviews, so far so good.

    1. Thanks for joining the journey! Hope you enjoy it! I love this one.

      If you are chasing down any of the heavy naturals in after market be careful and make sure you trust the third party very well. A Tauer you should have no worries with.

    2. @Therapeutic Fragrance thanks. So far I've stuck to Luckyscent for purchases. I'm itching to get some pure Ambergris of some sort, not sure who is reputable.

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