Areej Le Dore Baikal Gris Perfume Review

by Therapeutic Fragrance


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Who? I See Wearing the Fragrance

Moby Dick

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All Year long

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Russian Adam


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190 30ML

Perfume Classification

Extrait de Parfum

How? I Apply the Fragrance

1 to 5 sprays

Top notes: Russian fir balsam, violet leaf, grey Indian ambergris Heart notes: old Mysore sandalwood resinoid extracted by Russian Adam, vanilla, grey Indian ambergris Base notes: tonka bean, fossil amber, cypress, cedarwood, oakmoss and nagarmotha On the top I get a soft, very soft dusting of orientals.some beautiful lightly roasted sea shells. I have this as an oil and this carries that softly. A touch of leather, a light leathery ambergris. If you haven’t smelled the magic of real ambergris Baikal does such a great job at using it. Ambergris is this baked mucus that is baked in lovely oceanic wonder. Just like the ocean air it is an ingredient that carries a composition into aquatic wonder. Just like other powerful olfactory ingredients it has a medicinal effect. Again real ambergris cannot be replaced with synthetics there is just something so powerful about natural ingredients. Ambergris is a carrier and it just has a clean natural scent of the ocean. Oud & Sandalwoods are to the forest as ambergris is to the ocean. I picture a day with a light breeze on the beach with the Sandy salty air. The waves are only two to three feet and as you hear them crashing you get a new whiffs. The scent of ocean salt water and the sea is all around. But there are florals involved. Light white tropical florals.. The whiff is clean and deep through your entire breath. Refreshing you like the salty ocean water. With just a mossy loveliness. The butteryness of mysore sandalwood gives a lift to the imagination and envelopes the composition with a butteriness. There are woods that come into play that just have ocean on top of them. Ambergris a material to play with to give your oils attitude and a wave to be carried on. One one wearing I wore this with a leather jacket. Man it brought that jacket to life. The leather scent of the jacket and the extrait de parfum just were majestic. This is like walking through the forest right next to the ocean. Fortunately it’s something we have here up in the Pacific Northwest. I cycle from the city to the ocean and the last ten miles after heartbreak hill. This scent brings me through that journey from forest to peaking at the Pacific and riding my bike right to it off of the beach. Getting off and enjoying the accomplishment with a few thousand others yeah. This scent brings me right there to the ocean and all it’s clean salt air. I sprayed one spray into my beard and it was like carrying that perfect sweater weather morning walk at the ocean all day long. Just a cleansing waterfall affect all day long. I get the color aqua green. Something you can meditate all day on. A scent with it’s own poem.
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Perfumer's Notes:

Russian Fir Balsam Violet Leaf