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Areej Le Dore Ottoman Empire Part 2 Fragrance Review + Score

by Therapeutic Fragrance


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Who? I See Wearing the Fragrance

Samuel L. Jackson

Where? I Use the Fragrance

When? The Season I Use the Fragrance

All Year Long

What? Occasions or Events I Use Fragrance

Special Occasions


Russian Adam


Price Per Millileter

170 30ML

Perfume Classification

Extrait de Parfum


2 Feet Or More



Up To 10 Hours


Medium To Long Tailed

How? I Apply the Fragrance

One to Ten Sprays

Fragrance Quick Story Okay wow,.................., just wow............................................... From the bottle I had no clue what this was. It's beautiful delicate and soft from the bottle. But once it hits skins its. Gets tough. The kinda tough where the guy has to do nothing you just no not to meaa with him. Elegant postured and size him up your not going near he had everything together and is ready to perform professionally at his life skills. The o empowering note I get from our luwak is in here, but ever so softly. Oud makes his presence known one of those things that he enters the room and you feel his presence. A gifted sillage that your never going to want to end floats around you and everyone that passes by you this is the head Turner, the kind when people get a whiff of there atmosphere is instantly changed. Darkness literally becomes light. An instant atmosphere changer. Spraying this on you know you are in for an experience. It's one of the things you wear and you know that everything is going to change even if you don't want it to. Fragrance in my opinion compared to Perfumes Notes The floral notes are an accord I can’t every just say red rose but can tell there is rose and jasmine. I know own a fantastic frangipani oil. And it helps me understand the note in here Ottaman empire has a chapter to tell about this flower and its effects with oud and how it should never be overlooked. To my nose its a honeyed floral light subtle and lush. I even get an aromatic of cinnamon just a light powdered facet. Honeyed plum comes to mind as well. Aromatics are aglow with pepper and spices in the form of cardamom, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Definitely the cinnamon stars for me as I would go on record saying its all natural and this my friends is something the synthetic variety just can’t do in composition. Float on the top and add to the base. The saffron note is in an accord and never comes out on it’s own either it just adds to a mythical aromatic that this is the first place I have smelled. I call this Royal air everyone around you will smell it and there is no brain reference for it. Just sit back and enjoy. I think they are using there bengalwood sandalwood in this composition which I own a half tola of. It’s super condensed creamy and buttery in form, which matches up to the notes in here. The base does dry down into a powdered incense backed with heavy amber myrrh.

Bottle Presentation

Company:Areej Le Dore
Perfumer:Russian Adam
Fragrance Family:Oriental Floral
Classification:Extrait de Parfum
Pricing:$5.67/fluid ml
What:Special Occasions
Projection:2 Feet Or More
Longevity:Up To 10 Hours
Sillage:Medium To Long Tailed
Short Description:Perfume made for Royalty
Fragrantica Score:4.41 / 5

Therapeutic Fragrance Score Chart

Ottoman Empire Part 2

Experience 15/15
Branding & Originality 5/5
Projection & Sillage 5/5
Longevity 5/5
Composition 17/20
& Price per ML


TOP: 10/10
HEART: 4/5
BASE: 8/10


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  1. It was 170$ , sibirian musk was 190$ and co-distillation is a process in which you distil two materials together I believe.
    sprayed this on my wrist to watch the review and noticed that it has matured since the last time I've smelled it.
    did not like it at first as much is I do now and it will probably be even better in a year or two.
    going for malik al taif attar , think it will be better in attar form

    1. That's why I have been wearing all of my Areej's. It truly is a great value compared to other attars. I am kinda covered in my collection and would rather have a next version of this. Who knows come Saturday, the bottles might blow me away.

    1. @Therapeutic Fragrance yes i almost always prefer the attars. I love the way they develop on the skin. And ease of carry is the icing on the cake ????

    1. That my friend is one that we hope RA can source ingredients like that again. I would of been floored if he had left over juice of that and offered it in this release. Who knows maybe he does he has some saved, like he did with the upcoming attars.

    2. @Brady In January I ordered from ALD in Thailand, I received the products a few days later postmarked Boston Ma. Check out the Sealed Essence website, I believe they are an authorized distributor, Ive place several orders with great success from them. Antiquity is still listed today, see if you could negotiate price.

  2. I adore OE II. I hope these upcoming attars are coming in traditional attar bottles with glass diptick. Hopefully not those dreaded crystal bottles. Unless made with inert metals without any electroplating/metal painting, they're bad for oils, clumsy and downright fragile in the long run.
    For clarity, OE II and SMII were sold only on at ALD site. Also, RA did not release the ingredients/notes. He didn't see the point of releasing those details as he replicated the originals as close as possible with higher % of naturals.
    I'll probably buy MAT and another one. Not sure which one yet. Might not even get any as I am eyeing for a few SPAs and some wild Vietnamese and Thai oud oils and chips. Decisions, decisions!????????

    PS: I found some similarities between the musky part, especially the powdery animalic bit, in the dry down of OE II and Under My Skin (Francesca Bianchi). Anyone else noticed that?

    1. I absolutely love the Agar Aura Crystal bottles. I got SP to speak on why attar bottles are so ugly last year. Said exactly what you are saying. Pure crystal in my opinion is best for application and display just no seal so you have to pour in yourself. Maybe it was shipping I included in the price breakdown of these. It is definitely copy paste from somewhere. Yes the notes were released in reference to the first release that is where I am reading them from. He said they were exactly the same thus he did not include them in marketing.

      I would agree to powdery animalic but the incense to my nose is pretty heavy as well.

  3. Does it have that fecal Oud. I hate Oud coz it all smells horrible and fecal. I heard that there are some Ouds that smell sweet. So which Oud is in here. ?

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