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Auphorie L’anima Della Rosa Perfume Review and Score

by Therapeutic Fragrance


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Who? I See Wearing the Fragrance

Taylor Swift

Where? I Use the Fragrance

When? The Season I Use the Fragrance

All Year Fragrance

What? Occasions or Events I Use Fragrance


Eugene & Emrys Au


Price Per Millileter

160 30ML

Perfume Classification

Extrait de Parfum

How? I Apply the Fragrance

3 to 5 sprays

#Rosagris is that a thing.

Fragrance Quick Story

Rosagris—is that a thing? This house, this house, this house.  They are flat-out on another level. Every time I put on one of their perfumes, it all changes.  We’re talking an atmosphere change. I am sitting in the same place, but now everything seems possible.  I want to be friends with everyone. I can see how good everyone is. My attitude does a 180. It’s transforming the situation to put favor on your life.  Everyone is still doing their thing, but your thing just became a mission fueled by joy and excitement. What you are accomplishing means something, even if it’s just the littlest thing for the family.  Or a small word to a friend. What’s the line?  You make me want to be a better man.  Their use of soft notes has made this man’s attitude change, like Clark Kent putting the big “S” on his chest.  I love perfume for this reason, and finding these is hard, but when you do, you have special armor to take on this harsh world that won’t stop coming at you. So rich and pungent.  Auphorie openings are a spectacle.  A curtain being opened to shows of the past.  An elegant feeling of being brought back to times when things were special.  Events were a big deal, not an everyday occurance. All details mattered—from invitation, attire, and especially your perfume choice.  They are bringing us back to elegance, and L’anima Della Rosa is an entry point to a special show with a ton of care put into the details and preparation.

Fragrance in my opinion compared to Perfume’s Notes

Earl gray tea is there, but it is steeped in the goodness of so many other ingredients.  There is an interesting animalic note from daffodil; I didn’t know it had one. There are a ton of powdery florals that are matched with sharp notes.  This is exactly what I want in a composition I wear. Powder obviously has a huge place in perfumery, but in my opinion, it was not made to exist on its own.  Or if it does, it should come with a senior citizen warning. I get it: grandmas love their powder. But I want sharp, animalic, vibrant.  And let the powders carry those aspects.  That is exactly what you get here from the top to the heart of the fragrance. This is perfume of old.  For a modern woman looking to be glamorous.  The opening is glorious. Oh, how I want to smell this on a woman’s skin. A drunken rose is the first thing to appear, and this is drunken, rich, sweet love. They don’t use real ambergris, but they also don’t use any synthetic I am used to.  It’s a brilliant carrier that they have come up with that lofts this scent into airy wonder.  It does not have the same qualities as real ambergris. This is less ocean animalic and more clean air, but it provides a sensual aroma to all the notes paired against it. Honeyed flowers appear with highlighting notes of rose—it is beautiful.  This makes it an instant rose perfume to add right away to my collection.  Yes, these guys have synthetics that no one else does. The perfumers are vegan and don’t believe in using real ambergris, but they didn’t take the easy way out; they flat-out went and developed their own accords and are riding a wave that no one else is on.  Come surf with me. The heart is a show-and-tell of rose.  Yes, rosagris. Rose in a new way. You can't capture this kind of aromatic dynamic in synthetics.  This is a must for rose fans. Do what you have to do to smell this. For those that are not rose fans: this might be the fragrance that crosses you over to the red side.  It happened to me. My shift came from my experiences with oud. But I would never love and appreciate something like this if that hadn't happened. This is.a scent for the roaring ‘20s brought to us with a modern touch.  Yes, I would like for it to have real ambergris, but the rest of the composition rides perfectly on the concoction from the Au brothers. This drydown is full-on rosagris.  Hashtag that. Whatever they are using for their ambergris flat-out makes this chosen rose a gem.  It's oceanic but not an ocean animalic, just clean air. And the rose lofts around you, like having a dozen red and white roses on a breezy ocean day. "An homage to John William Waterhouse and Alfred Tennyson. L'Anima Della Rosa is inspired by a Waterhouse's painting, "The Soul of the Rose," which is believed to be inspired by a poem of Lord Tennyson. While the main theme of L'Anima Della Rosa is rose, the scent is also a depiction of the beautiful garden scene elaborated in the Tennyson's poem. In this composition, we followed the imagination of the poet and explored the fragrant garden depicted in the poem. A variety of flowers as well as other scented objects are transformed from words in the imaginary world into perfume notes in real life. L'Anima Della Rosa is the one poetic perfume that not only brings a painting, a literature work and a fine fragrance together, it also juxtaposes the aesthetics of two different eras, the Victorian and the contemporary." (From the brand's website.) L'Anima Della Rosa is available in a limited edition extrait de parfum (at a concentration of 33%) spray. L'Anima Della Rosa was launched in 2018. L'Anima Della Rosa was created by Eugene Au and Emrys Au. Perfume rating: 4.29 out of 5 with 10 votes. Family: Floral Perfumer: Eugene Au, Emrys Au Year: 2018 Notes: Earl grey tea, daffodil, red rose, white rose, lily, honeysuckle, jessamine flower, passion flower, acacia, woodbine spices, woods, moss, musk, ambergris At the intersection of art, literature and fragrance, we find L'Anima Della Rosa, an olfactory interpretation of a garden scene described in a poem by Lord Alfred Tennyson. The poem is also believed to have inspired John William Waterhouse's famous painting The Soul of the Rose, depicted on the bottle.  L'Anima Della Rosa features a sweet, warm summer's bouquet, predominantly of rose, but sprinkled with nuances of other intensely fragrant flowers. Moss and woods peek through in the drydown, while an animalic backbone provides an elegant effect as well as the feel of a balmy summer evening. We would describe it as a vibrant but also subtly sensual fragrance with vintage charm.

Bottle Presentation

Perfumer:Eugene & Emrys Au
Classification:Extrait de Parfum
Pricing:$5.33/fluid ml

Therapeutic Fragrance Score Chart

L'anima Della Rosa

& O.G. Factors
Projection & Sillage 4/5
Longevity 4/5
Composition 25/25
& Price per ML


TOP: 10/10
HEART: 4/5
BASE: 7/10


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    1. Any new thoughts? I know I need to be more like you, I would of saved that thing until part II came out. I am trying to learn to enjoy my stuff more and not worrying about never having it again. It's part of this whole thing I am working on.

    2. Therapeutic Fragrance I have a lot of samples, so I’m feeling freedom in letting some go to new homes, using up what I love, trying to use more at a time instead of little dabs. Buying bottles of things I truly love. But I think my tastes are changing too quickly to have a lot of bottles. ???? I thought I liked FdF more, but now that I’ve tried both again, I think Indolis is just so gorgeous, it might be my favorite of the two. Yeah, limited edition scents bother me bc I feel pressured to not miss out. And discontinued.. but there will be other things I love to wear, so I try not to think about it.

    1. Yes to Iris Macchiato what a brilliant composition. Review will be up next week. I recorded a month ago. You are blessed to have a bottle of this. I have a sample of Nyonya coming to me from a fragrance brother. Can't wait. No. 15 was my introduction to the house.

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