Auphorie Tenmoku 1

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Auphorie Tenmoku 1 –

Couldn’t resist the first release of this collection. The gift though small is one of the best gifts I have ever received with a purchase a total surprise. Only limited ones were handed out. The pattern inside and outside this ceramic is phenomenal. One of the best ceramic pieces I own. I have a few. In the past few years I have been getting into the really nice green teas including high end matcha. This ceramic is very welcoming for the ceremonial experience.

The perfume opens with a huge maple sugar blase once it hits skin it turns into an airy resinous wonder with a big plum discovery. A plum lovers perfume and very developed. Not what I was thinking at all. A bit boozy, a bit earthy, and not as sweet as I was thinking at all. The woods are just a perfect base for everything to dance off of. I didn’t even read notes when I did the unboxing video and the resins stood out the most mysterious. They are there and blended perfectly. They are aromatic, a bit rubbery and add wonders to the plum.

More to come as I discover myself only nine sprays in.

-Therapeutic Fragrance

Qing Mei Jiu’ Plum Wine, ‘Mei Hua’ Trilogy (‘Baimei’ White Plum Blossom, ‘Hongmei’ Red Plum Blossom, ‘Lamei’ Wintersweet Plum Blossom), Imperial Incense of the Song Dynasty (Agarwood, White Sandalwood, Precious Resins, ‘Ling Ling Xiang’, Musk, Ambergris)

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