B683 Marc Antoine Barrois

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DISCLAIMER: I committed to getting to know Patchouli and got a big sample of this ingredient. Thankfully I didn’t start with B683 and the Alice Fragrances. Off the top wow nice perfume first whiff. Sweet, Earth, Dirt. Okay this is going somewhere we haven’t been in awhile. This is an amazing take using Patchouli. I am learning this oil in new ways with modern perfumers. This is bringing me back to childhood. Have no idea who wore Patchouli with these notes going on someone, because my mind will not let it go when I sniff. Smell like Patchouli soap. I am telling you somebody in my life growing up wore patchouli like this and the romanza one. I think it’s ambroxan will check later but this feels like a sauvage on patchouli. Unfortunately not real patchouli. Okay it’s the mall there was a store in the mall in salt lake city and this is what it smelled like, yes when I went to the mall. Yes yes yes this is so strange. I really did like the top of this if only for the most ten minutes probably five, then Sauvage I mean Ambroxan took over and it became Patchouli soap on my wrist. If you do like the fresh scents and want a mature twist check this out.

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