BAQUE by Slumberhouse Josh Lobb

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What fragrances can be. I keep referring back to a review of #slumberhouse #fragrances that the reviewer said it’s like an unfinished painting. I think he meant it in a negative way, but I totally agree with him. This #fragrance is totally like an unfinished painting and I think the point of it is that you put it on and finish the painting your self each and every time you wear it. Get ready for an adventure and this fragrance plays right along with you in your night. This is a night #scent for me. It took me forever to get my mind around the fruit and.booziness in it, but I love the combo. Very aggressive tone but it.plays right into your adventures. Apricot, Vanilla, Tobacco come into play. The slumber house #musk DNA is very present. I love this fragrance. What’s your #sotd
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