Berceuse Parfum Allegretto 7.2

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Berceuse Parfum Allegretto 7.2
“Antonio Gardoni at it again”

____________________________________________ I could easily close my eyes and have this sprayed on and tell you there is a thumbprint from Antonio in this. This is dirty. A dirty I want to wear. A dirty that cleans you up and wows you. With my first impressions on the fly the best picture I could come up with and I still like it. The base has a worn biker jacket of twenty years. Black leather and worn in the wind it’s a note kinda like that in the base. The top is very aromatic with mint and lavender all backed with that nice Bogue Sauce most of us have become familiar with.

____________________________________________ This is a high society perfume for Speakeasy’s.

____________________________________________ Lavender was a main focus that appeared in most of the wearing, but don’t confuse with Mem it’s only one layer of that type of lavender. We all know Antonio is the lavender master.

____________________________________________ William Carius is brand owner of Berceuse and hails from the brand Barrister and Mann which also offers perfume aimed at the shaving market. He is going to launce perfumes with Berceuse that each highlight a different perfumer. Out of the gates I can say this is a house to mark in your favorites. One strong opening for the house.

Kudos to you Will.


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