Best Fragrance Presentation 2020

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Best Fragrance Presentation 2020 –
Best Unisex Fragrance 2020
Highest Score on the Channel in 2020 (TIED)

Russian Adam’s voice in the video of my review came to my phone after I wore this for the first time. I ripped open the package put this on first and wasn’t that impressed. Ten minutes later I was blown away. I knew from working with Sandalwood on my own that this was one of the best Sandalwood mystery fragrances ever.

My first words to him was this was going to be misunderstood and in the coming days with reviews pouring out it sure was. One of my favorite things about RA is the incredible risk he takes. He didn’t need to release samples early but he did and nearly every reviewer was able to hammer these out until the official release. This is unheard of. For sales he didn’t need that at all, he’s already maxed out on word of mouth, but he did. Another notch of respect that I have for the perfumer.

Back to Santal this was his recorded voice that happened that same night in the opening of the video. I got it about 2AM my time and was floored. He went on to explaining if people want to smell sandalwood in a fragrance you almost have to give them just sandalwood as the material loses itself in composition and builds up other ingredients. The tranfroming it does in the wear can be seen from wearing this composition.

Adding to the legend of SG is another rist. The durian note. Just Brilliant, brilliant.

I firmly stand by all praise I gave to this fragrance.

I salute you Russian Adam!

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