Best Winter / Fall Fragrances 2020 It’s all about that Juice, Just Look at that Color of Perfume!

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Cold Weather Fragrances 2020

Top 10 Winter Fragrances 2019

We have had a cold dry winter which is unlike our Norm.  I do find myself reaching deep into my juices and pulling out the stuff that’s going to warm me up.  This list also let’s me showcase some of my deeper dives in my collection that one hundred percent are my top cold weather dives.

Deep Cold, Cold Weather Dark Juice.


Norne is available again.  Josh is very random on releasing othere, but they appear.  As quickly as they do that they are vanished. It’s a trust relationship with the perfumer.  A one man show that goes and comes as he pleases. Truly showing what the Portland way is all about.  Many have avoided the 9 – 5 grind and excel in very specific areas. Easy for me to get on board, because I love all things Portland is about.

Barrister and Mann Fougère Aromatique Eau de Toilette:

To that end, we at Barrister and Mann took on the challenge to build just such a scent: an all-natural fougère made with oakmoss, tonka bean, and hay absolute, a smell akin to liquid sunshine. We combined these rich materials with the finest French lavender, then rounded out the base with fruity, earthy patchouli and musty, chocolate-y mushroom. From there, we continued to refined our work, eventually producing two distinctly different fragrances.

Indolis Areej Le Dore:(Only mentioned to reference against future collections and remakes)

This is one of those that really set Areej apart from everything else in the market.  I am going to read the notes below, but there more than notes. In this bottle it is like smelling them in there environments.  This is gorgeous juice. Unexplainablle unless you smell it is knockout gorgeous juice. He breaks away from all tradition of eastern perfume and becomes his own perfumer in this bottle for me.  This is the creativity I want to see from Russian Adam this is like that hit song that just comes together and is played throughout generations. This is what pushing perfumery forward is all about.  Look at the color.

Top notes: Indonesian jasmine enfleurage, gardenia and jasmine absolute

Heart notes: green hojary frankincense; ginger, lime, tangerine and

pineapple, co-distilled by Russian Adam

Base notes: Indonesian green sandal and wild Australian sandal, both

distilled by Russian Adam; benzoin, tonka bean absolute, oakmoss

resinoid and Indian galbanum; Chinese green tea extract from a 100

year old tree, and lavender absolute, both crafted by Russian Adam

LE MAT Mendittorosa:

Promise review is coming this has started to make a lot of lists for good reason.  A story of Immortelle it is the star in the fragrance. Even though most people list rose as the prominent noter referring to fragrantica hands down it is the Immortelle that owns the show.  Quite a show it is. This is the fragrance you want to have on when you are dancing the night away with your beloved.

Xerjoff Warda Al Oud:

This is strong medicinal oud with amber and vanilla love.  You will not run from the Amber and Vanilla so be prepared to get a sweetness on top of a beautiful bright fruity slightly woody oud.

Papillon Bengal Rouge:

Another sweet in the form of beeswax.  This will coat you in it. This swings to the feminine side of things, but easy to pull off for anyone.  I spoke about this for people who don’t normally have people come up to them easily I’m one of them. I have found scents like this that have sweet elements to them help people stay and start conversation.  Now I am one that is fine on my own, but for work and networking it is becoming a powerful tool. Using scent to influence has become an incredible observation for me in this journey.

Francesca Bianchi The Lover’s Tale:

Now I don’t get the sex in a bottle I have heard a few refer to.  But there is no running away from seduction very strong dark seduction.  Once applied there is a base on your skin that you will need to be prepared to wear for the next eight hours.  It’s a signature to her house. It’s a fantastic partner fragrance.

Colorado DSH Perfumes

This I would actually put in a gourmand category.  Its like pancake breakfast in the morning on a camping trip in the woods.


Dark smoke leather petroleum in a bottle this will hold up to any cold Boom your on Fire!!!

Hiram Green Hyde:

An all natural incense that has been called BBQ on the skin.  Don’t let that fool you this is a new incense accord that in unmatched.  Smoky dark with a brilliant sweet bubble gum on top that just works. It comes together and gives us something new and dark to wear.  This will blow up the room, the airport, the stadium. But you will be oh so warm and I absolutely love this stuff.


AKSUM Pryn Parfum:

That goat hair will bundle you up

CITY ON FIRE Imaginary Authors:

 Need that smoke

Sacre Cocao Tobac House of Matriarch:

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