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Elixir Attar House Overview featuring a few fragrances from the house

Al-Ghaliyah Bulgare Fleuri Et Animalique

Spirit of the Hellenic Republic

Spirit of Japan

Royal Luban

And this is the second release due to the high demand.???

I call it The Ghaliyah of Ghaliyahs

It has ….

1- Surirankah Naya SriLankan Oud from Ensar’s Senkoh series.

2- A plethora of very costly floral enfleurages, some of which are:

-Lilac enfleurage – uber rare

-Freesia enfleurage.

-Bulgarian rose enfleurage.

-Lily of the Valley enfleurage- uber rare

-Gardenia enfleurage and absolute.

-Pink and Blue lotus enfleurages.

-Tuberose enfleurage.

and many many more.

These are the Bulgare Fleuri (Bulgarian Floral) portion of the new Ghaliyah.

It has 40% ambergris (Black and White) and musk (Nepali,Kashmiri, and Siberian)!

This intensely beautiful mixture of rose and flowers is balanced out by our New Zealand white ambergris , La Maison Khenata’s black ambergris, and our Siberian, Nepalese and Kashmiri musk in a rare-aged Mysore sandalwood.

While the musk is macerated , our ambergris is not macerated in the sandalwood, it is rather molten !!!

These are the Et Animalique (and Animalic) part of the Ghaliyah-2019.

The new additions to this versions- not affecting scent- rather value – is Celtic ancient white ambergris.

The RESULT- you can imagine !!!

An exploding animalism and floralism.

Despite the amount of florals used

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