Ensar Oud Aroha Kyaku – Thailand Agarwood 2018 – Oudh is Perfume

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Videos on Therapeutic Fragrance and the benefits that fragrances bring to our lives. Addictiviness 6/10 Projection and Silage 7/10 Distillation notes A copper pot was used for soaking I presume. Opening is smoky leathery and incense. KAVA through and through a medicinal effect. Incense BOMB!!! Through and through there is a lot of power here Woods Slight Peru balsam Gaiac wood Definitely an essence of burning palo santo Birch tar notes are heavy A muddy water, maybe in soaking a campfire. There is some funk going on in this. Yeah a wet campfire This one does project If you stay with it it will start working on your skin and blending its magestic juice into your body. Kinda like it does to it’s own tree. A cedar wood being dried by sun comes into play At the end of the sniff is a burn palo santo/ cedar wood smell like that cedar wood now being cut and you smell some whiffs of saw dust from it. Turning slowly into a sweet cedar through every whiff Still trying to put my mind on describing the sweetness maybe molasses or burnt amber with some chocolate even. A mix of darker dried out fruits like dried cherries figs and dates. A petrol affect starts to happen on top of the cedar I talked about. It’s a profile I like. This really reminds me of forest fire, we had one of the worst fires in the history of the Columbia gorge last year. And our houses and cars got filled with Ash. I did a few 20 + mile bike rides on those days and this scent brings me back to those days. Year very familiar. This swings to the masculine side very strongly. Smoke, Incense, leather This is a scent I would want if I was on a multi day hike. This is what I would want my profile to be. Great Christmas time winter fragrance for me. Also in the summer I would love having this on around the campfires as we have many of them throughout the summer. I could see me wearing this in the backyard during a fire or on overnight camping. Even my overnight cycling trips. Gives some gravitas to your body and spirit man. Finish The Kava never leaves and incense If you like a city on fire by Imaginary authors or heavy smoky scents I would give this a try: This is Ensar’s cheapest oud as of this writing and you can get a sample of this one. Yay! no blind buy. Oud is something that adds to your life journey not take away. It’s a great journey learning all the things oud can be and what artisans can do with the agarwood chips. It’s amazing! Again amazing majestic oil. While working out it went into a pine tar like you would rub on a baseball bat resinous pine tar with a little bit of birch. There is a must that comes out with the pine tar think Kiehl’s musk with a nice pine tar. So manly, so great! It’s almost like the oud knows what you need it to be for you. Giving to you constantly. I kid you not the drydown is just a musky amber with none of the prior mentioned notes. I keep smelling it is so vanially. Like a caramal machiato with barely any espresson maybe a slight touch of smoked espresso. There are samples of this, this is such a great value.

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