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I have now smelled other fragrances trying to copy this scent. But there is no copying perfection. It comes down to the olfactory goodness that makes up the juice. This I would call my signature scent. This is what they say as suiting up, dressing to the nines, as my grandma would say you clean up nicely. Whatever your term this is getting your fragrance on. All my fragrance checkboxes are checked, no mood scent here. This people is how I want to smell. This is the culmination of composition I want to be projecting in my life. Oud check Rose check Floral animalica check Leather check Non offensive check Modern check Classic check Beard/Hair worthy check Mind shifting check The top.is an Oriental floral our affair. Nobody trying to out shout each other for attention. Rather each note saying compliments to the others and lifting them up to be a beautiful song to the nose. Everyone admiring each of their strengths and pulling together to enhance the atmosphere you sit in raising up into the air just giving and giving. Toake this pop on an evening I will put it on top of a dry down of one of.my favorite ouds. You definitely don't need to it just lets the fragrance shout that much more due to the oil on top of your skin. I said in the sultan leather attar video that I would pick the attar over perfume and everyone my apologies. I can't pick they are both equally important in my collection. Glad to own both. The perfume gives off a more even spillage, bit the deep medicinal whiffs of attar I would not give up. The perfume is more for others to enjoy than yourself, but don't hear that wrong you will also fully enjoy the wearing of this. The days you choose this fragrance will be great days indeed. If you want something that turns the day around this is it. The heart is where the musky dry down starts to show up as to all the characters who were up running around all.of a sudden sit down. But sit.down to share a deeper conversation of their quality. Synthetics can only copy phases of this the difference is the quality of.raw ingredients in this. They change with you throughout the day, whether it is hot cold what activity your doing. The characteristics of the perfume change and different parts play to your nose it's just something synthetics can't do. They offer one great note and it doesn't change. It gets boring like playing one note in a song. The fragrance features lavender, taif rose, jasmine, rose, white rose, ylang-ylang, agarwood (oud), cambodian oud, sandalwood, oakmoss and tobacco

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