Ensar Oud No. 2

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Happy Easter Friends!!! This is the Easter fragrance I chose. I have a over hyped review here in earlier post and am finally releasing the all over the place review up on YouTube.

Musk is a special thing that evokes so much out of me it’s crazy. It literally touches my soul and is indescribable wearing it. Not for everyone it is powerful animalic but carries you into just flat out checking yourself and what your about. Oud is first, but musk is it’s own animal.

This is ethically and legally obtained whatever that means. I don’t know and have to learn more about the ethics of musk.

I had three guys smell this Friday night in their twenties. Probably only familiar with mall frags in the form of freshies and one million. That’s where I was at the time. All three could not describe what they had just smelled. Heads back searching there brains to make sense of what new experience just happened. Forever locked away as a scent profile that’s exactly what my first experience was like. A true joy to watch as they all said that smells amazing.
Musk is an experience to put on for the absolute best of your days.

Wishing all of you and your families the best.

Be blessed.

Review on YouTube:

@ensar.oud thank you for this!!!????????????????❣️

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