Ensar Oud Oud Extraordinaire – Oudh is Perfume

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OUD Oil Review. This is honestly a review I wanted to keep to myself this oud is above and beyond. The value of this one vs. quality. Yeah I don’t want to share this one everyone, but that’s not what oud is about. If you start to fall in love with oud and get a passion for it and want to keep it to yourself your missing the whole point of the this journey. Yeah this will sell out yeah we won’t get it again, but sharing these kinds of olfactory experiences with your fellow man is a life philosophy I can grab hold of. Oud has the power to transform your day, mood, calm you down reset you it’s amazing. A sticky thick honey consistency Holy woods – Cedar bomb cedar love Light resinous a nice oriental fruity top So beautifully pungent Some caramel apple the red apple This one is different off the top The wetness in here smells like a running river A nice metallic like pulling fresh river water out into a pot and boiling it. A way different medicinal whiff Finish Cooldown Just singing metallic mid eastern market. One of my favorites. This is one I would love to hear a Luca Turin review. I would love to hear him describe this composition. I can let anyone smell this and they would not be able to come up with a single not and believe this is one oil on my skin right now. Workout Evolves into a black leather and then transforms into a dessert spice of song. Definitely think LDDM.

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