Ensar Oud Port Papua Review

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Port Papua was distilled from live and vibrant gyrinops, legally harvested, and incense-grade. It’s one of the most offbeat Papuan ouds distilled this century, which not only marks its rarity, but unlocks the door to a chamber of olfactory wonders few have ever explored A refined smoke right off the top. One that you would go well with a dapper look. This reminds me a lot of Czar Ceylon, but more refined. Kinda like Ceylon was aged. You know how bourbon mellows out if you are into aging bourbon and all the nuances flow together a lot more closely like that. I age cigars and the beauty aging brings out is just a more brought together flavor with nuances of cedar touching the smoke in your mouth. But there are times when you don’t want to age the cigar to get those nice spicy bites of flavor.

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