Feel Oud Maroke Haya Oudh is perfume Review

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I love the opening obviously. But people who smell oud for the first time this is when they say it smell like glue or plasticity. And their oud journey ends there, a shame. This is not for a beginner, because this is so much more. This smells like a fresh oud just beginning to mature into the tree before it is harvested. A very fragrant oud that will age beautifully. I only say that because I have now put my nose on ouds that have a very familiar profile and smell very refined. I do like oud at this state it gives off a youthful sillage that is lovely. I love the scent bubble and keeps me going. There is sort of a chemical thing that could be mistaken. But the mental vibrance it gives you is no mistake. There is a butteriness to it. A metal like jungle. Knowing what oud is I can smell the medicinal goodness of this. Man this is sold out. This is a down feeling that I am only left with this. Okay I am turning around glass is half full at least I have this sniff. I will probably wear most of this. This is one of the most pleasurable wearings of oud I have had. The scent bubble is indescribable. This is the best scent bubble I have ever enjoyed wearing oud. Wherever I walked and went every smell I could sniff this and it was a pleasure all day long. This is what wearing perfume is all about. You wear it to enjoy it lift you up and make your day better even if it’s already awesome. This is on my one to buy in the after market which is picking up a lot of steam. I continue to review these , because there is an aftermarket and people are sharing some of what they have bought. I say share, because that’s it no more of this oil can be produce, there might be better might not, but this exact scent of this tree is done. Even owning this is enough, this is just an oil that is therapeutic in nature it’s sole purpose for existing is to bring life. Is to eradicate a disease in a tree and make it whole again. Just having these viles you can smell that it goes straight to the head. I’ve said it before if I could pick something to study in college it would be the effects of oud, I want more research there is something to this oil which a lot of cultures already know and practice. The problem is it can’t be mass produced in our chemical business culture. Sometimes we need to look past economics and bring out lifenomics. There are better and happier ways to live your life.

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