Feel Oud Tranquilla

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Ouds have a distiller’s dna in them. I’m getting to know feel-ouds great care watching this oil with tender care of the extracting from the tree to getting into the bottle and giving it little kisses that will affect the wearing off your skin. These little kisses is why you choose a distiller. It is a trust that is built. They are putting forth so much effort not to know if it will be returned, but you get an oil like this it has to be such a great personal accomplishment. I would have a hard time selling, but I am an adventurer at heart and have to share my universe with other. The top of this is oud is like what I would imagine smelling gold just a crisp aquatic metallic overtone. I think the trend of Metallics came from perfumers smelling this, but there is no economic way to put this in a perfume and to distill the volume enough to get it into mass consumerism. But there is no replicating the purity of this smell off of human skin. How it interacts and sings to you. Middle starts to form a leather. Smelling a new oud like this is like the first time you went into a legit bakery where they are baking all kinds of breads and treats from the best focaccia ever to a skinny loaf right out of the oven with butter just churned. You will never forget that experience with your nose, the bar has been set for bakeries and you are in search for that experience again. That’s how it is for new ouds. It’s such a special thing to put these on and wear throughout the day. WORKOUT: Soft leather and softer incense. Like smelling leather gloves without any sweat smell.

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