Feel Oud Virgin Sumatra Island

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Animalic 1/5 Earthy 1/5 Floral 3/5 Aquatic 5/5 Spices 2.5/5 Resinous 2/5 Smoky 1/5 Woods 1/5 Leather 4/5 Incense 1/5 Addictiveness 8.5/10 Projection and Silage 7/10 Longevity 4/10 Level: Advanced (only because of nuances and price, beginners should love the top of this oud or smell from bottle) Feel Oud – Virgin Sumatra Island $40 .02 sample $450 2.5Grams Golden Honey Like There that signature aquatic mettalic note off the top. Man it is addicting You’ve heard it from me before, but I love this note. I have smelled it in some of the creative niche houses coming out, but it doesn’t come close to these ouds, these are so much better. Yeah Feel Oud has a DNA going on here and it is pristine. It is the one to be beat for me. I just wish it lasted forever This starts to pull some sweet amber into it. Oriental shows up Starts to die down after 60 minutes into a nice medicinal oud smell. Slight leather backbone with the metallics fading out. The aqua is drying up. This is a great oud for starting out. It has two levels for me. Which isn’t bad it softens all day on a gradual curve and is a soft leather with a touch of hay. The medicinal just keeps softening minute by minute becoming ever so faint. A great oud.

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