Francesca Bianchi Under My Skin

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Francesca Bianchi Under My Skin
Without a doubt I am getting used to Iris is this the new patchouli (I went through a ton of patchouli based compositions to get a handle on the note, documented reviews on YouTube). Anything Iris was an ingredient I turned from.
Sampling people would offer, I would shake my head from east to west. Reviewers on the Tube would start in I would click next. A hint of powder smells in the mall and turning opposite I would go.

If you your going to get into this I aptly told myself there is a reason this is constantly used and I need to search and seek out that reason. Here is my beginning into iris. Francesca is not responsible for starting only allowing me to take another higher step and get closer to how special this ingredient is.

There is a huge reference to animalic notes in perfume, this is the one wear you are okay to note really listen to those notes. There are barely present and is stated in perfume marketing perfectly. It’s totally the tames wild beast by the vixen in the form of powders. Yes I like powder now and it’s because of people like Francesca pushing the envelope this direction. It is one of the best compliments to strong dark mean scents. Why did we take so long to get here. Because designers dropped the ball in the form of mass pleasing uneducated audiences and we had to wait for a band of I am going to move this thing forward anyway with all abandoned and see what I can do people. Francesca is one of those people.

I easily see past marketing, but it is so dangerous to be so provocative when it’s unfair a lot of people will be turned away before even smelling. If you can get past the names and seduction the juice is absolutely divine. Sorry marketing hat on for a bit. Hard to get away from.
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