Frassai Teisenddu My Birthday Fragrance

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Frassai Teisenddu
Fragrance Notes: bitter orange, rum, juniper, nutmeg, mimosa, dark sugar crystals, leather
You see notes and you try to get an idea of what you are about to get into. And nothing prepares you for the experience.

The story is about Welsh Immigrants coming to a new life. A new beginning and starting fresh. Yes a wearing will give you a sense of anything can happen, we can get everything done that we wanted. For three months this scent has stopped me every time I sit down to right about it. It’s so much more than simple thought compared to notes and a simple wearing. It is one of those that has evolved has become a part of something I want to have a pulse on for the rest of my life. A smell I never want to leave the breath of my nose. Yes locked in the brain forever, but it evolves every wearing. Even to the point I still can’t quip out easy banter and profile this concoction. I have two others from the collection, but this stands out for me.

When I saw that Natalia wore this for her birthday scent, it was locked in that too will be my birthday scent a week from now. There is no scent that can change my mind it’s just that good. I was extremely nervous that I had to buy from the new batch, but be assured this is the stuff that is just an extraordinary composition. Don’t let the notes above fool you, it is so much more love than that. It’s holds its own as a signature perfume accord that is worthy of a signature scent, for me this signature has become my birthday scent.
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