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Heart of Darkness

by Therapeutic Fragrance


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Who? I See Wearing the Fragrance

John Cho

Where? I Use the Fragrance

All Natural, Holidays

When? The Season I Use the Fragrance

Colder Months of the Year

What? Occasions or Events I Use Fragrance

All Natural, Christmas Season


Charna Ethier


Price Per Millileter

175 50ML

Perfume Classification

Eau De Parfum


2 Feet or More



8 Hours or More


Medium to Long Tailed

How? I Apply the Fragrance

1 - 5

This is potent stuff. She has been doing the all-natural game longer than a lot of folks. This is slightly boozy with sharp greenery, like a forest floor. From the get-go, it is a huge green blast that holds strong in the fragrance all the way to end, along with a shot of espresso drizzled with a dark chocolate blast in the opening. The lavender is syrupy, and floats in and out with tonka, nutmeg, and cedar together. Then rockrose comes in to the heart, and this is sharper than patchouli. This is drenched in oakmoss, like a fougere, but nothing you have smelled before. There is a burnt sugar note in this, not quite like maple or caramel, but like brown sugar. Espresso fades into a strong coffee aromatic. Overall, this is a sharp green wonder contrasted by realistic coffee notes, with chocolate glazed over. 


Bottle Presentation

Company:Providence Perfume
Perfumer:Charna Ethier
Fragrance Family:fougere
Classification:Eau De Parfum
Pricing:$3.50/fluid ml
Country:Rhode Island
What:All Natural, Christmas Season
Where:All Natural, Holidays
Projection:2 Feet or More
Longevity:8 Hours or More
Sillage:Medium to Long Tailed
Short Description:Sharp Green Wonder
Fragrantica Score:4.41 out of 5 with 22 votes

Therapeutic Fragrance Score Chart

Heart of Darkness

Experience 13/15
Branding & Originality 5/5
Projection & Sillage 5/5
Longevity 5/5
Composition 17/20
& Price per ML


TOP: 9/10
HEART: 5/5
BASE: 7/10


“Grab a Bottle on Discount”


  1. Yeah I've heard the most about this one for sure. Its one of the 4 I plan on sampling. I had planned on going bonkers buying perfumes this weekend but 2020 got in the way unfortunately ????

    1. Yup! It's going to have to be quite the sale to get me to buy. I actually just paid up for a very special batch that I ordered back in September. The timing sucks and I still won't see it until the end of the year. But have a feeling it will be worth it.

  2. Awesome note listing. Superb review Brandon. Nice contrast with the espresso and sharp greens. I'm picturing in my mind a 30-ish gentleman with a thin moustache, dressed in a beige tweed suit, bowtie and bowler hat, sitting on a spindly chair in the middle of a dense pacific northwest forest sipping espresso in a tiny cup. ???? Doesn't have a smile, but instead, a look of sudden dawning comprehension, as if he's just worked something out in the surrounding gloom. The "heart of darkness" suggests that in reality, he's a corporate supervillian from the 30s. ???? Curtain.

    1. Brady it all depends on which ones. some I will only wear one spray to the neck. Others when I choose to wear I go crazy just to be basked in it. Most common is three sprays. One each wrist and one to the neck chest area.

  3. Amazing idea of pairing reviews with Black Friday sales. Heart of darkness from Providence is my favorite from this brand. I own a full bottle and contemplating a back-up.
    As I had mentioned in my post when you sampled the entire line; Heart of Darkness is a damp, rich forest bed made of lush and resinous greens and delicious dark chocolate, drizzled with masterly roasted coffee bean oil. Happy Thanksgiving

  4. Hi B oh nice I heard the note cedar moss mentioned,boom that’s a magical scent.its my go to note it’s little used in most offerings but it’s the one found in Francesca Bianchi dna plus Pheromone for man by La Via del Profumo to my my nose and thanks to Abdullah who sent me a sample of his attar Cedarmoss I finally could put a name on my obsessional smell oh course a bottle is winging its way from Abdullah as we speak.Always a pleasure my friend be safe be blessed Lynch out????????????????

    1. Nice info on Cedarmoss with FB. Did not actually know that. This has it quite strong might be up your alley. Very nice buy from La Via del Profumo don't think I can sample that one with the distributor in the states. Thinking I would of remembered it. Going to look right after this:)

    2. @Therapeutic Fragrance yeah B it’s got to be cedar Moss the common denominator got stuff from Abdullah today and cedar Moss was one of them so I really think it’s the common note.being sniffing a lot of stuff this week beginning to notice things now but I’m still a newbie the journey continues new awakenings every step of the way. Be safe B.????????????????

  5. I gotta try this house. It’s not far from where I live, knew this existed as a small strip mall shop but (unfairly?) assumed it was like all small time perfumers charging a lot for pretty pedestrian stuff in New England. Thanks, Brandon!

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