Heretic Parfume House Jasmine Smoke, Dirty Lemon, Blood Cedar, Florgasm, Pistil Whip, Holi Water

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My process of testing a house for a full bottle worthy rating. Spray on paper to make sure the top pasts my nose of wanting to put on skin. Usually florals and musks I will put on skin anyway because they react so much differently on my skin than paper. When there are 4 plus samples I usually where four on different spots to see if I move it into a full day wearing. If I like the full day wearing I try and do two more different times one of them during an activity where I heat up like working out as I do five times a week and #perfume reaction is very important to me as I don’t want to be distracted there are certain synthetics I know right off the bat if they will explode on me if my body heats up. I did two days of wearing four each to see if they would move into full day wearing I do have two, but really only one that stands out a lot. First of all any house taking on #naturalperfumery has my attention and is on my radar. I am overly fanatic for natural oils from the earth. And I don’t want natural petroleum based products either. As far as Heretic I think they are going in the right direction I love there info on their website about natural vs. synthetic more people should know what they are putting on their skin on a daily basis. That being said I think Heretic is a little expensive for what they are. Most of these scents are familiar with naturals I have at a very lower price. I will end up using every bit of the samples I bought, but full bottle worthy is another thing. I think a lot of the line feels rushed and the names were come up with an ease. Like Dirty everything let’s just get it out there and sale it. The fragrances for the most part only lasted four hours at most, which I am totally fine with in a natural and I like to have perfumes in my arsenal that are only part time. He is asking a market premium for perfume so for that reason he is being critiqued for value vs. ml. The value to me isn’t fully there. His marketing is very polished and pricey and I’m all about doing my own research and buying juice over hyperbole. And I am in a lot of situations where if someone asks me what I am wearing I just can’t shout out florgasm and explain. Okay with that out of the way. This is a brand you should try for yourself especially if you haven’t smelled all natural perfumery before. I am very thankful Heretic has a sample pack, it takes a lot of extra work to put that together and I wouldn’t never have tried without it. I really though Jasmine smoke would be my love it sounds so perfect on paper for me, but was underwhelming on skin. Out of nowhere if I had to choose my samples I would not of chosen Dirty Lemon ever. This thing is exceptional, I am definitely going to do two full day wearing and report back briefly in comments here. If I do buy a bottle I will give a full review. Blood Cedar will get a full day wearing, but it fades fast and becomes, well just cedar. I have some top notch #cedaroils that cost a lot less. I am buying composition here or #rawingredients I can’t get my hands on. (Areej Le Dore and Ensar Oud to name two) I can’t believe the lemon think lemonheads candy, but refined and composed with a sharp floral and pepper hitting you. The sandalwood layers it perfectly, this is a great scent, but love lemon. Not cleaner lemon either this is a very nice french lemon. Softer and a bit less acidic. Florgasm was to familiar for me and this was the most expensive sample. It smelled powdery and I have smelled this two many times before. Have you guys had a chance to try these out. What are your favs?

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