Highway Velvet and Sweet Peas

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Highway Velvet and Sweet Peas
“BOOOOM We have another natural perfume choice”
Don’t be fooled by the size as I was. It took me forever to pull the trigger on VASP (Velvet and Sweet Peas) The samples were $10. For quality ingredients I don’t mind. But I have actually been very disappointed by a few all natural companies slinging nothing other than essential oils. Not VASP.

Her margins are some of the lowest in the community and there is no lying from skin to nose. It’s packed well care for ingredients. You put this on and it’s straight up new accords with familiar whiffs in sillage. It feels vintage, leans feminine. A floral mystery against a perfect spruce.

VASP is vegan, but what she lacks in those ingredients (animal musk, ambergris) she makes up for in knowledge of florals that is new to my nose. You can sense that your smelling the flowers from nature you just know it’s different than anything else. Putting Highway on reminds me of why I am so infatuated at chasing these ingredients in bottles. I smell them in nature and want to have them in my arsenal to recapture hikes, walks, cycling on country backroads. This is what she’s doing.

Songbird from her is one to not miss out on. There is a sandalwood note in there that is unreal.

PEACE OUT everyone.

Citrus, jasmine, neroli, black currant bud, berries, cedar, blue spruce, vanilla, frankincense, rose, labdanum

PS This freaking bottle took me four different sessions to actually get some decent sharpness on the photo.
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