Holiday Gift Guide Here’s what to buy perfume lovers in the season

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The Not sure they are very particular about scents.

 Pacifica Roll ons.  They layer perfectly with tons of stuff and like me they last less than two hours so it can add to the perfume lovers reptore.  An easy fragrance to go get coffee or tea in the morning before applying anything else. Or a layering base to enhance theie existing collection

The only natural perfume person.

 Abel find out what notes they like and Abel has lots of variants.  For men Grey labdanum is their Chypre and a fav of mine. For a seven-up like opening and fresh grass White Vetiver, or Golden Neroli is an easy crowd pleaser, they even just added and Iris to their collection.

 Darker stronger more complex the best longest lasting Hiram Green all day long.  The beast is Hyde. Slow Dive and Moon Bloom are just excepitonal complex floral compositions.

 The Commodity line at sephora is the most accessible.  Average but accomplish what they say in the bottle. Short lasting but price is okay and easy no complaint scents.

 Velvet and Sweet Peas Perfumery – Anything with her sandalwood in it.  One of her core notes that stands out against some of the best sandalwood I have ever smelled.

Okay my designer section

One for the ladies who love gourmand and being noticed

 A designer Viktor and Rolf Flower bomb Nectar, this stuff is actually really good.  It’s a flanker, but I like it better than the OG

For the Men

 A*Men Pure Malt boozy notes with one of the best blended compostions available.  Very well priced. Cool bottle under a hundred dollars for 100ML

The designer barely niche perfume lover

 The diptique 5 X 7.5 ML

Eau Rose Eau de Parfum, Do Son Eau de Parfum, L’Ombre dans l’Eau Eau de Parfum, Eau des Sens Eau de Parfum, Philosykos Eau de Parfum

Moneys no object for a lifetime fragrance that can be cherished

E02 pure parfum it is real musk and that’s what the composition is based around.  This is for the accomplished man. If your man is a hunter I think he would look this up and be very surprised this is a treasure to own.

 Or something I really want a bespoke from Pryn Lomros.  Having your own perfume that’s pretty cool.

The has everything perfume collector in your life and you have no clue

 Authentic Mysore sandal wood Rising phoenix and Agar assam both have small options to get this person a must to really see the difference and the medicianal affects wearing just the oil has.  And it compliments any sandalwood fragrance that they have.

 Oud Ensar has an incredibly cheap on. 

 Vetiver Ensar also has a couple options that are out of this world.

 Florals pick a frangipani or champaca and it will change everything.

 A bunch of patchouli from melifluence on etsy

 I would avoid rose it is expensive and hard to care for.

 Agar Aromas Tony Bolton will put together a sampler that is reasonable for you, great great guy.

The ultimate sampler 

 Surprise your perfume lover with this one.  My favorite sampler ever. Sutlan Pasha’s sampler.  Get on the backorder list it will arrive after Christmas don’t worry this will blow there mind.  This is the ultimate gift for every perfume lover and it’s affordable and will take up there time like nothing else.


Perfume In Search of Your Signature Scent

Neil Chapman

Perfumes the guide

Luca Turin & Tania Sanchez

Something awesome that they probably don’t know about.


Go crazy and start them with a charcoal kit.

These Chen Xieng superior can be had on amazon

The traveler perfume lover.

See what I did there a segway another well packaged sampler is samples from the tauer website.  Choose up to five they come in a tin that is the perfect thing to travel with. I wish he made it easy to decant into them I literally went through his samples last year traveling and it fit into my toiletry bag perfectly no worry of broken bottles and such.

Smolderose Perfume rollon from January Scent Project the ultimate rose layering companion.  Brightens up almost any oils sandalwood, patchouli, ambergris, and of course oud.

Surprise your perfume lover if they don’t have anything from this house

Anything from Fort and Manle

There is maduro for tobacco lovers, there is the masterpiece fatih sultan mehmed, Kolonya is the ultimate splash on cologne.  Presentation is over the top so makes for a great opening in front of people

The ultimate presentation and easy fragrance for all in my humble opinion when you have no clue what to get

Fragrance Du Boi Santal Complet.  Most every reviewer has not paid for there bottles I did this one is worth it.  Opening this is a spectacle in front of everyone the fanciest opening I have. Perfect fragrance for man or woman.  No dirty whatsoever.

Go crazy and buy tons of sample to open at

For the only Vegan and things you won’t find anywhere else

Aveparfum (harder to find unique stuff all vegan, dabbers)

Indigo Perfumery (best atomizers)LuckyScent (biggest selection, but dabbers)

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