Imaginary Authors Slow Explosions

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Down the rabbit hole!

This was released the week of my birthday.  I got it as a present and for good or bad it introduced me to the fragrance community.  I had no idea you guys existed or were even as close as you were.

The good: always first I have enhanced my life with this passion and learning how to use fragrances to actually propel me through my days.  I have met many great friends and had great conversations around smell, bottles, and sharing tiny bits of life. I have sparked a creative rejuvenation that was much needed and is affecting all areas of my life as I have found this healthy outlet for expression.

The bad: one of the big reasons I started reviewing on YouTube.  So I already had the perfume I have had others from imaginary authors, but was bored and typed up info on it.  Low and behold I found these things on youtube called fragrance reviews. Man it sounded like I just found a treasure the way everyone was talking about this perfume.  So of course I’m excited I have something you don’t mentality (not healthy, not my norm focusing on overcoming this tude). We get to December I am still watching I find no one names this in there years best, but they talked like it was holy water why.

I go back to watch carefully and almost every review I watched their bottle was given to them.  Talk about sour grapes. From that day I quit watching many reviewers sadly as I really enjoyed it, but I enjoy authenticity more.  I enjoy peoples raw and uncut opinions whether I agree or not. As long as there honest. Does getting a free bottle make you not honest no.  But when all you start to sound like is a commercial it’s time to move on, this is more about originality and not everyone has to agree, that’s the beauty in true community,  just as long as we stay true.







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