January Scent Project Smolderose “Secrets,. Tips, Power plays?”

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January Scent Project Smolderose
“Secrets,. Tips, Power plays?”
Rose Jam rolled on your skin, yes please. Layering seems to be a weird topic, purists would never do it. A lot of people do. For me it just makes my collection a lot more enjoyable.

Most people that know me, know that I love oud. My love for oud has definitely gotten some mixed reactions that have honestly been quite fun out of people. This morning my ten year old daughter with quite the tone in her voice asks, why does your truck smell like olives. Of course I laugh like crazy and respond you don’t like this one. A resounding NO back to me.

Enter in Smolderose no matter the Oud Indian, Trat, Prachin. I put this over it and bam it’s a lady taming the beast doing a salsa dance on my skin that is just as entertaining to wear. No more comments I get an I like that from my daughter. They compliment and blend and become an understanding of why ingredients need each other. Oud and Rose are two of the most classic. The nasty barn is transformed into High end country.

I have never met a rose like smolderose, it’s easily one of my favorite mixed with my natural oils I’m always testing out including sandalwood, patchouli, ambergris, and all kinds of funky oud. And yes I will wear it on it’s own anytime as one of my most powerful rose fragrances in my collection.

This is the oil version which I prefer over the perfume.

Notes of mandarin, citronella, rosa bourbonia absolute, rose geranium, angelica, labdanum, castoreum, cade, blonde tobacco, birch tar, agarwood, cashmeran, coriander, honey, patchouli, black pepper, benzoin, vanilla, and galbanum

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