Lavender A Journey

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Lavender A Journey
Rising above the columbia river that is Mt. Adams in the background as the sun drenches it’s last take on the day.

Cycling is a passion that has no doubt help deepen my love for fragrance. Getting up at sunbreak when you don’t want to, but you get out into the country in solitude and all of a sudden all cares are gone. Many many fragrance concepts are locked into my head because of my many journeys. This is just one field of thousands I have cycled past that unlock an utheral event in my sensory journey. You smell it for miles mixed in with so many aromatics.
It’s like the lavender sings it’s own song to help you on your way and revive your whole body with energy to climb the roads ahead both literal and figurative. I have scent combos I will be chasing until I find them captured in bottles. Yes my love of all things natural and earth stem from adventures like this.
I find spots like this and come back to photograph. I wear fragrances to propel me in the same way in the grind of life. I will be posting later an artist who has best captured this beautiful scent like none other, but that morning was mixed with some much else just like this from eating the best cherries and strawberries in the world. Exactly behind me I am a few miles away from Mt. Hood (both of which a varietal of the fruits are named.) which also is just as picturesque with grape fields and all that goes along with climbing the back roads up to the mountain. And the rich wood smell in the dew of the morning you guys can guess the pure ozonic glory that is happening.

Part of what connects my spirit man down this path is continuing to find treasures of natural perfumed air like this.

Be Blessed everyone.
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