Malik Al Taif Areej Le Dore NON IFRA

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Malik Al Taif

A very fruity oriental (Like a juicy fruit meets a cup of chai tea, if it is such a thing) touch of citrus off the top.  Saffron delicately latches on to every whiff. A very sweet leather if there is such a thing develops quickly and hangs around for a couple of hours.
Its movie season and to play off of the movie that should of won the golden globe A Star is Born.  The star I am referring to is the Royal Taif Rose. To it’s credit its always been a star but not in western culture or prefurmery.  Not to this level.
I swore I wasn’t going to buy another oud and rose combo, you think it is so overdone and then eastern perfume masters show you rose is not what you grew up knowing in Western fragrance. There is so much more to learn.  There are so many options to pair correctly, we haven’t learned this with other ingredients but still need to learn lessons on the rose and this is one of them.

Over 40% of the composition is rose in this  Because of IFRA/EU standards only 4% is aloud if made in the UE

Supposedly the rose petals were picked by the most delicate of hands at the perfect time of day.  Another pure rose oil was used and Then cured in traditional camel leather bottles.

Whatever it took to get this scent in the bottle I am sure is under appreciated compared to the mass manufacturing of synthetics pumping out into the malls and designer boutiques across the world.
 It could of been kept private and this is one extrait that is available on Areej Le Dore’s website and is worth the asking price.

The drydown you can get a sense of the awesome sandalwood used a nice buttery yumminess that is medicinal in its whiffs.  Carried by musk and benzoin with Amber undertones. Very Oriental. I could picture the genie in or prince even in Aladdin wearing this one.  Reminds me of being on a magic carpet ride.
Huge kudos to @russianadam
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