Masque Milano Romanza Perfume for Men or Women

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This instantly brought me back to baseball practices maybe someone wore the patchouli in here. Even the bus rides to games I can’t get away from it from the very second I put it on. Even the whiffs in the air. So weird literally tripping me out. I haven’t had these memories for over twenty years. Top calms down rather quickly and sweetens up. That floral jasmine now comes out this swung from masculine to feminine is minutes which is a great thing. This is a dirty Animalic Patchouli left on your skin. If you like the Raw animalic forwardness of Patchouli without sweetness that it usually has this is for you. I could see me wearing this as a mood fragrance. Honestly it would be few and far between I am at a decant on this one. That being said I love smelling this on my skin, it becomes one not and I don’t get annoyed with it, there is something rough about it that I like. Perfumy in the dry down. This is a two toned fragrance not really getting a heart this thing fades quickly from initial spray and stays for a long time. This is a long fragrance 12 hours for me.

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