Mendittorosa Le Mat Perfume Review and Score One of the best modern Compositions!

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Le Mat offers lessons on Immortelle Time to spray deep into this note The Sugar of a woman’s skin? A Sexy Woman’s Gourmand ready to leave the celebrity sugar mashups, the anti-aging perfume? Another High Score? Find out here on Therapeutic Fragrance, This is Brandon Head Notes: Nutmeg, Black Pepper, Cloves Heart Notes: Geranium, Rose Centofolioa from Grasse Base Notes: Indonesian Patchouli, Cashmere Woods, Spanish Immortelle Extrait de Parfum 25% 100ml/ 3.4 fl OZ Natural Spray The art of the complete package. From the moment of delivery it is clear you have something special. From getting out of a clean well packaged box. You receive a wooden crate that has a special tie around it with a metal piece keeping it together. Upon opening that a bottle that is carefully nestled in the coffin ready to bring out. Fragrance Quick Story Extraits are my favorite and this does not disappoint. I am willing to spray on five pumps of this gorgeous juice. This is something you want on going out. Immortelle, everlasting plant, helichrysum. These words in the perfume descriptions refer to the essence derived from the Helichrysum angustifolium or Helichrysum italicum. Immortelle smells like maple syrup or burnt sugar, with a hint of smoked woods and tobacco. The steam distilled oil is earthier and greener, with a lingering fruity sweetness Fragrance in my opinion compared to Perfumes Notes Helichrysum Everlasting Flower Immortelle A booze shot right away. Immortelle is aided by a very strong composed cast. Spices, Rose, Geranium, and a special Patchouli. The rose is spicy The woods are white And The Immorttelle is the shining solo coming across like a toasted maple syrup with a backdrop of dried blonde tobacco even a bit green still. The sweetness is stunning don’t get stuck on this sweet notes there, but they don’t really wear like that. Think of the perfect beverage that only has essences of sweet it’s there, but never to sweet. Let’s start off this is about composition and wearing. You are getting a new scent with this one. Sticky yummy absolutely stunning. Yes describing it will make this sound like a gourmand, but the patchouli really twists that and makes is not a gourmand at the same time. The rose and spices adult this up in the right way. Right on the skin a wondrous musk is formed that I imagine what the perfect musk of women is. Her skin scent, a natural breathing air that makes this world so much more special. The patchouli is the top secret sauce that is working it’s magic like it used to in classical compositions. But this is no classic composition. This is one of today this is a person of today with all the challenges, obstacles, navigation needed. This perfume backs it up and brings a roar to today’s humanity. A sugar musk that won’t be forgotten. This is entering the room in your best outfit never seen before and you just put an imprint on your image. Everyone be prepared to have your nose imprinted with a sugar musk that will be forever locked into peoples scent locker, one you will long to smell again and again. Okay that is an impression I wear the heck out of this, but to me I want to wear in in conjunction with a woman a compliment to the couple on dates or when you together with yours. The heart continues to get drier and drier giving it a slight summer hay nuance with a light tea. The overall accord scent never leaves this is wearing the brand new composition that is just a stunning fume to the world. It just works, it all comes together. “Immortale lofts in the air against the syrup of a woman’s skin essence. An accord were lucky to have shared in the world.”



    1. LOL I should of just let it really rip if I'm gonna do it. One of these days these people will get a bottle and post it. Thanks for your help today. I didn't realize how bad it was until I played it on my phone. My studio set up played it nice with volume all the way up.

  1. Nice scent but I found it underwhelming.
    With the huge price point (even higher than Profumum Roma) and with no longevity or projection on my skin this wasn't for me.
    Archetipo from this brand was one of my favorites however.
    IMO, a fragrance similar in style to Le MAt is Baraonda by Nasomatto- which for me has outstanding projection and depth- incredible.

    1. Hey Reinhold did you have a decant of this? Or bottle. Very few perfumes last on my skin and this thing lasts forever. That really amazes me. I have tried Archetipo and Scirio. One other I forget the name. I would say Archetipo smells a bit like Baraonda to me and has less longevity any chance you got samples mixed up. I mean Le Mat literally screams off of me, very interesting skin differences.

    2. ​@Therapeutic Fragrance


      I got samples from Twisted Lily since I had never tried the brand.
      I ordered 2 samples of Le Mat and 2 of Osang plus a few others including Archetipo.
      Archetipo was the surprise favorite with it's strange, woody/acqua/sweet notes that were very balanced and elegant, Projection was strong and longevity good.
      I read so many great reviews on Le Mat but was disappointed with it on my skin, I found it a very dry, rose fading into the spicy notes.
      Thing is, it was weak on my skin and didn't last- bad sample?
      Trying it today, it works better for me but I just don't like it enough to justify the price.

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