OK Perfumes OBO Olfaction Award Finalist

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I was made aware of this brand by @therealallaboutfragrance almost dove in last year, but too many choices made me forget about my olfactory need of barrel aging perfume. Ok i didn’t know i jad that need until smelling the note in these creations.

Nominated as a finalist for the #artandolfactionawards I pulled the trigger the day i found out. All of these give off some of the most realistic liquor notes you will find. From the barrel it makes all the difference.
Best of luck to the company and a pleasure to get to know your creations.
Smoky oud is the bottle. For me the story is about the smoke and barrel aged bourbon. Leans masculine and would bring a lot of guys i know to wearing perfume that never would else wise.

Easy to sample atomizers make all the difference as well.

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