one fragrance to rule them all

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The challenge one fragrance to rule them all. Pick one for any gender on what they should buy for life. My choice is a luscious composition that must be smelled. This is one I wish you did not read notes before trying. The composition works beyond wonders with the Fragrance Du Bois Secret Juice. It’s a creamy seductive coconut that is nothing like your mama’s coconut, again don’t let that note sway you without trying this wonder. Out of over 200 fragrances scored on a 100 point scale only 5% break the 90, this is one of those. And it is the one I would easily pick for everyone.

A few from IG that I asked for their choices for video;

Many thanks to those who participate in my fragrance journey. This is a small way I can shine a little light on the great back and forth I have had in the community with some of the people. Many more could be mentioned, but for a short days notice I am glad I got to do a little bit here. You should follow these great people on IG if you are a lover of all things fragrance. Great noses and great humans. Thank you much.
Choice: Cartier L’envol
Choice: Old Spice
Choice: Mancera Aoud Lemon Mint
Choice: Blackbird Anemone
Choice: DiSer Akanesasu

Not filmed is @sydnor_3
His contribution to the challenge is Akanesasu by DiSer. In his words; “It’s inoffensive, unisex, all-natural, citrusy, slightly floral, with a nice clean vetiver. Perfect all around fragrance.

Video Link:

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