Oud is Perfume: Ensar Oud Chugoku Senkoh Hindi & Chinese Agarwood

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Videos on Therapeutic Fragrance and the benefits that fragrances bring to our lives. Sweet spicy slightly resinous. Definitely some funk factor in the best way. A leather backbone laced with forest that won’t let go. Definitely on the addictive factor is a 8.5. Just a good finish to the soul. While you wear this it’s a random experience like wind. Without even expecting it you get a whiff and your back on track to excelling at your day. As I have done two full wearings of this and this is a strong Oud. It has some Hindi notes that are balance, but come out through the wearing. I had a couple of people I know smell this off of me and a soft sniff they were asking what are all the spices in there asking perfume notes. Definitely an oleoresin affect off of this. They were surprised when I told them this is one oil as none of them have ever smelled real oud before at least that they know of. I really should of introduced them to a softer Oud for the first time. My first walk in the drenched Pacific Northwest with traces of evergreen all over the roads from fierce winds I can smell this oud cut through and just add brilliance to the day. A quarter mile walk was filled with glorious whiffs that propelled me into my morning. Even sitting in the shop with my perfectly pulled espresso there is a cloud of smell around me that just changes and flows with the morning adding to a great day. The shop was out of some of my favorite stuff and it didn’t matter I was still able to sit and have my senses awakened.

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