Oud Luwak areej le dore

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Oud Luwak by @areejledoreperfume

This fragrance was a blind buy and man when I put it on I was upset.  The first 5-10 minutes for me is just funk and that’s saying a lot because I love funk.  But after that there is a jungle of madness that stays on you for the next few hours or days if you spray your scarf like I did.  Cinnamon isn’t listed but a beatiful cinnamon hangs around on top of extrodinary oud, vetiver, and benzoin. Coffee is good but fades fast for me.  I am a coffee snob. -Things aren’t what they seem from first impressions is a reason this is a favorite fragrance already

Notes from Areej let Dore website:

Oud perfume featuring the finest aspects of authentic, rare wild oud from Papua New Guinea.

Top notes: coffee Luwak, sinking Sumatra agarwood smoke infusion

Heart notes: Maroke Noir oud oil, spikenard, carrot seeds, nutmeg

Base notes: Indian oud, Indonesian vetiver absolute, cedarwood and

Sumatran benzoin

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