Oud Luwak

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Oud Luwak
The Fall 4/10

Over the past year I have a married couple that I have become friends with from SoCal. They have both noticed fragrances on me without me saying a word. He literally sneaks up hugs me and says you smell so good what is that. His wife has started doing the same, it’s just a complete interesting study in human behavior. I won’t explain they wouldn’t even get that I was into perfume. I really am perceived completely differently outside of this space. Point of the story is you know those days where you want to go about your business, maybe just me. You want to be left alone to take care of what you have to, put crazy fires out and anything else gets in your way. Well enter Oud Luwak. I pretty much know by now which fragrances will be complemented by them and well there is this. I put this on he creeps up within about two feet and then you can see the look on his face how do I back out of this. Half of me wanted to hold him for a hug for minutes to take in this bliss of a musk. The other half won and I let him go. You could see in his eyes plotting how do I not go in for a hug and greeting. Inside I am laughing knowing why afterall for the most part I wear my fragrances for my enhancement. Yes I do be careful what I put on in public places, especially in the states, but sometimes you just want to mind, to your own business. Oud Luwak is going to overpower the room not for everyone, not for everyday. But when business has to get done and I need help doing it, it’s going to be an Oud Luwak day. I know I am in a small category, but does anyone else have a fragrance that you wear that is completely for yourself?

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