Perfume For Any Date Night with cheesy pickup lines; Sexy, ??Dancing, Netflix, Your Bae Dates

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Best Fragrances for Dates

Menditorossa – Le Mat  The ultimate 

Atelier – Rose Anonyme 

Take it easy breezy – Sticking with 

 Guys wanting to make an impression not really knowing your date.

 Unless she has expressly said she hates roses this is the play your welcome.

 Spray this on the roses and gift as she takes it in and puts it away I guarantee she is smelling it.  Wear this on you and Bam you just set this up in the memory banks and the rest is up to you Albert Brennaman.

Tauer Phi Rose und di Khandahar 

– Salsa Dancing  – 

Papillon – Bengal Rouge 

Netflix with the young kids in bed –  – The Huggable fragrance I even got hug emoticons back from Liz Moores on this one

Frassai – Blondine 

Francescca Bianchi – The Lover’s Tale 

Full on Seduction Beast Mode (Hey we have to go there) – 

Areej Le Dore – Walimah 

The I’m in love and just need some time with my Bae – 

Dusita Splendiris 

No Plans pure spontaneous find a neighborhood and make the charm work and come to you kinda vibe – 

Hans Hendley – Bourbon 

Hey double dating becoming a thing the double date fragrance 

Guerlain – Habit Rouge Dress Code 2017 

The I barely made it to the date fragrance the pralene not sends this over the top as a flanker.  Still available.

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