Red Canyon Sutra Soivohle

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Red Canyon Sutra Soivohle
So this is the one I went with from this house, unfortunately all gone. I believe this was an all natural. And I will be straight up honest with you. I blind bought this for two reasons. 1. The website was very overwhelming to make a choice from. 2. It was 50% off.
That said the company is super convenient for sampling. I ended up stocking up on twenty samples with a coupon. It felt like a big surprise when they came with just a bunce of adventures to go through.

This fragrance pictured through me off. It is very dry like the desert, but spiced up like fall baking seasonings with the orange and cedar being dominant over all of the notes. I would have wanted a little more base notes like guaiac, castoreum, and vetiver, but that changes the fragrance into something else. For me edges more pretty because of this. It is one for the changing season and to put on for ordering that first pumpkin spice latte. Of course for me don’t contaminate my coffee with anything but water. With coffee so goes perfume, to each their own.

Notes: Bergamot, Wild Orange, Spice Accord, Peach, Smoke, Blood Cedar, Cedar Accord, Angelica Root Absolute, Castoreum (cruelty free) Hatian Vetiver, Guaiacwood, Musk, Tonka, Vanilla.” – a note from the brand

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