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Rising Mysore by Dixit and Zak

by Therapeutic Fragrance


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Who? I See Wearing the Fragrance

Nitish Dixit, the third perfumer I have named

Where? I Use the Fragrance

When? The Season I Use the Fragrance

All year

What? Occasions or Events I Use Fragrance


Nitish Dixit and Zakir Laskar


Price Per Millileter

230 100ML

Perfume Classification

Eau De Parfum


2 Feet Or More



Up To 4 Hours


Short To Medium Tailed

How? I Apply the Fragrance

1-12 (Yeah, I go wild sometimes!)

Straight out of India, known for their oils, attars, and famous Mysore collection, Dixit and Zak have come out strong. I mean, Mark Mcgwire and Sammy Sosa 98 strong; give ‘em any pitch over the plate, and it’s a home run. These guys are rockstars of ingredients. If they put it in the name, you better believe the juice will come out blasting. Here, you get a citrusy lavender and basil top that is mesmerizing and so cooling. The effect is extraordinary. The jasmine is blended perfectly. I mean, seriously. There is no indolic quality, no waxiness, just this beautiful supporting floral that lets a composition shine. Patchouli and Santal are the heart of the perfume, and when they are exposed to hot weather or pulse points, the facets really ignite on these ingredients.  They get spicier and more aromatic, not giving way to any perspiration. All the spices form an Indian spice of its own. Usually we categorize spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, star anise, clove, and pimento berry as oriental. This cannot be categorized as oriental. This is its own spice blend, just like my curry here in Portland. Yes, we have that authentic goodness. Dixit and Zak, come to Portland, and we will go. This is Indian spice, and it would be an insult to call it an oriental.


The drydown is incense again but this has its own flair. I have smelled it in Brindaban and Emperor Hind a bit as well. It just has a sharp freshness that has the Dixizade all over it. Their stamp is on this. It is original and, world, watch out because these are the guys making some of the best stuff on earth.


If you are in hotter climates, this is for you. It can work in colder weather, but this is a bottle of magic in hot weather. The ingredients thrive in heat. Overall, if India had a barbershop-style fougere, this is it, and the country could own this scent; it’s that remarkable of a composition.


Obviously the twang ain’t for everyone, but perfume enthusiasts must get a sample just to know the style and uniqueness of what has been accomplished.


Bottle Presentation

Company:Dixit & Zak
Perfumer:Nitish Dixit and Zakir Laskar
Fragrance Family:Oriental Fougere
Classification:Eau De Parfum
Pricing:$2.30/fluid ml
Projection:2 Feet Or More
Longevity:Up To 4 Hours
Sillage:Short To Medium Tailed
Short Description:Oriental Fougere
Fragrantica Score:4.64 out of 5 with 26 votes

Therapeutic Fragrance Score Chart

Rising Mysore

Experience 15/15
Branding & Originality 5/5
Projection & Sillage 4/5
Longevity 4/5
Composition 18/20
& Price per ML


TOP: 10/10
HEART: 5/5
BASE: 8/10


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    1. Yes to everything you said. I think the people being down on this one really misunderstand Mysore. Because this nails the Mysore profile and adds so much to show off sandalwood which the name suggest. Instead of sandalwood just supporting darker notes. It’s a complete winner.

  1. I love this scent! The core profile of the scent is Sandalwood and Tulsi (holy basil), rest of the notes with all the spices and resins support the fragrance giving more complexity. This fragrance sits very very close to skin and barely noticeable after 6 hrs with hot Indian conditions.
    Dixit & Zak uses Frankincense, myrrh, labdanum, sandalwood, jasmine and osmanthus to create an unique accord which you can smell in most of their recent releases and also in many of AgarwoodAssam attars.
    I highly recommend you to put your nose on AgarwoodAssam Maroof and Majmua (I got lots of this in emperor hind minus the animalics and Champaca). AgarwoodAssam also has amazing blends for oud connoisseur.

    1. I am wearing my first attar from the today the Hindi Tabac I showed in Emperor Hind video. I will be searching more out from them for sure. It is also bliss.

      I agree the Tulsi stayed for most of the wearing and added to the citrus on top. The transition was the Tulsi and Sandalwood with a clean nice soap I smelled in Brindaban also.

  2. This perfume has so much going on. I feel white floral in this are just amazingly blended with top notes. I get lots of Sandalwood and lot of Basil overall.

    I got 2 bottles of this. Very complex and still very fresh and juicy.

    Brother Hatkora is one type of lime so so so rare. It grows in very tiny region of India. To get authentic hatkora it is very difficult.

    This is just Authentic Old barber shop kind of fragrance. Absolutely nostalgic perfume. I think it has broken records of many perfumes in this category includes legendary Perfumes like Habit Rouge.

    Just so so addictive. Definitely on masculine side.

    Talking about Garam masala. I searched it on google and its mixture of many spices and Every family in India have own recipe (same spices , Just proportions of Spice ingredients are different) To make Garam masala. Which makes food from every different house unique. It is used in Biryani preparation and gives a warm effect. It is also used in Indian curry ????.

    I have been to India twice. They have amazing food. We are really missing out here. I feel some of their foods are so aromatic and amazing.


    1. Jacky thanks so much for this info. Very much appreciated. I love the insight on the lime. It smells very different and a very good citrus note. I will include your info on this in my full review.

      Speaking of the Garam masala, do you pick up notes of that in this. I might be confusing it with some of the Mysore profile. And Indian food is amazing we are lucky to have some good places here in Portland.

      Be Blessed,

    2. @Therapeutic Fragrance Hey, I do pick Green Cardamom, cinnamon, Funnel seeds, Lot of Star Anise, Mace, Clove and Black cardamom. Though it's all just me… I can just pick too many notes from this.

      I pick Hatkora Lemon , Basil , mandarin orange too on citrus top.

      I just did more research and found out that the hatkora lime is not even distilled (They might have done private distillation) . It is WILD Lime and it has green lemon kinda accord with sweet backbone also used in traditional alcoholic beverages in tribal areas.

      They even got a fantastic video of this perfume showing the bottle with fantastic indian background music which is in tune with the fragrance itself.

      Just saw this on their Instagram!!

      Jacky !!

  3. Thank you for the video big man. I have been contemplating a purchase. Santal 33 was the biggest disappointment in a perfume I've had thus far. It's just sitting in my shelf. Nothing to do with sandalwood at all.

    1. If you have a source for Mysore I would love it if you could share via private message. I buy them, but at full retail. D&Z is very good. This composition is the first that actually shows the characteristics of Mysore alone without it getting confused with darker base notes.

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