Rogue Perfumery Derviche Perfume Review and Scoring

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First sniff is dark. And a hypnotic effect to it. Kinda like heavy medicinal syrup to it. Tango ish. Shitake mushroom this is a gym. And this is after champs Lunaires. This so smell like a medicine even way more than Tango, but I like it. Reminds me of my Grandma taking care of me. I hope by the time I review this I can remember this smell. It is unmistakable. It makes since because a lot of home remedies were natural oils that are used in perfumery. My grandma rubbed this on me or gave it to me that much I know for sure. Fragrance in my opinion compared to Perfumes Notes I never got the bergamont on first whiff and I don’t care. Spiked drunken Jasmine Oh yeah I got that. Heart very old school cough syrup. I like this smell this is dark oriental and oleoresinous. Even a menthol vibe to it. I just can’t quit it’s a syrup of incense. Must know what he means about drunk Jasmine. Very creative here. Leather really never comes out. Civet is playing a role in the darkness. The dry down turns into a perfect wood just sitting on top of the skin with saffron oriental sitting on top. You can feel a slight leather quality to it. I feel it is more suggestive than just a heavy leather note, but very soft and nice. Long Lasting fragrance with all three phases easily detectable transitions. Drydown leaves a subtle sweetness I can’t really detect the signature oakmoss as with most of the other ones in this one. Vanilla saffron and a touch of oriental stays on the skin for awhile. Pleasing as an EDT the longevity is remarkable.

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