Sandalwood Bengal Sandal Starting with Santal oil

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Feel Oud Bengal SandalWood SANDAL WOOD IN GENERAL Do you guys own any sandal wood. For me sandal wood is perfect for the days when you don’t want to wear anything. It is a really soothing medicinal oil for me. When I am in the kind of rut where I don’t feel like doing anything or everything is in vain. It’s really just a kick back and hang with you oil. The richest and purest of butters is the best description I have for sandal wood. Cultures use it for headaches and all sorts of ailments including skin irritaitons. I actually had a headache when I put it on. The scent was soothing not being purposeful as I didn’t really want oud or any perfume that projected at the time. If there was such a thing as slicing a log off a tree one with a perfect healthy white in the middle, but the middle was the texture of well butter. Taking a butter knife and getting a healthy scoop and spreading it on your skin that would be the best way to describe this brilliant oil. It’s bright honey like with no resinous notes. It is very calming with no menthol or aromatic vibes. It’s just mellow like a honey wood butter that is not sticky or greasy.. Here we have a sandal wood distilled last year 2018. Origin: Bangladesh, Indian border. Year of distillation: 2018 Scent profile: sweet, honey like, buttery, woody and soothing. Bottle and colour of the oil may vary from the one you see in the picture! Category: Sandal Oil

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