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Scent Trunk


Probably won’t be taking these to my next perfume share, unless I permanent marker label the lipstick vials.  For my YouTube video and this photo a bit of a chore getting them back in the right boxes as the actual canisters have no labels.  Probably not meant to buy four at a time.  I can manage, but I could only guess the amount of times I would have to tell someone what they are spraying in a big share group situation which I am part of a few times a year.

Okay that aside this is one of my favorite concepts I have ran into.  Original. Creative. Perfumers playing with their whole tool box of notes.  American Perfumer is the first place I have ran across such high end collaborations personally. Scent Trunk takes it to the next level.  They have a couple of series highlighting perfumers across the world.  This series the OG one is released once a month with a new perfumer focusing on one ingredient.  All four of these are exceptional and kept me going an entire day each time I pulled them out. (Twice now)

Tyler Monk and his nomination to the olfaction awards pulled in to take the plunge.  This format just let’s perfumers take risks that I personally want to smell.  Will you get the next Chanel NO 5, probably not.  But all four of these compositions I would gladly own a 30ML of and have a place in my collection which speaks volumes for me.(hopefully they consider a 30ML option I have to much perfume for 100ml bottles)  I am after well blended perfumes that are original.  All four of these compositions exceed my expectations and I now know four new perfumers all from a simple shop.  I love it.  I could easily see a nomination from Scent Trunk every year based on what I have in the pic.


YOUTUBE: Unboxing is live and my first spray of all four perfumes.

Congrats to Tyler Monk and Scent Trunk, best of luck to you in your category!



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